Chapter One: Cell's Hatching

22 had been hanging around the lab for as long as she could remember. She was watching a tiny embryo in a tube, whom she was told would conquer all once he had taken in 17 and 18. Her programming was to protect, serve, and help Cell carry out his mission. She was always watching, never tiring, and yet she found enjoyment in this.

Then, one morning after 22 had gotten out of her sleeping capsule, she heard the sound of glass breaking and water hitting the floor. She rushed into the other room, and saw Imperfect Cell.

He said, "No need to explain who you are. I've been listening for ages to Gero's lecture, " 'There is one android you musn't kill, Number 22. She is your ally.' "

22 said, "I've been out once or twice. The androids from this time have been killed by this young man named Trunks. We'll need to steal his time machine. I'll kill him, no need for you to soil yourself on such an insignificant death."

**In the past, around the time when Gohan, Trunks and Bulma find the weird eggshells**

"Eww, look at this bug shell! The..juice on it is still fresh," said Trunks. Bulma said, "I wonder where it came from. And what the heck it is doing here in the first place!" Gohan said, "Keep right on wondering. It's obvious we'll never figure this out."

**Piccolo is wandering around that small town**

Piccolo walked through the smallish town, sighting no life at all. All of a sudden he caught sight of a rich guy being absorbed by a tall green monster. After the bribing, the rich guy was just sucked away. Then, he saw a young woman next to Cell, who said, "Would you like for me to take care of him, Cell?"

"Of course, 22. Try not to have too much fun."

22 came as a bit of a shock to Piccolo, as he had NEVER in his life seen a woman by the side of a villian, much less a woman villian. He said, "Would you.." but was cut off by 22.

"There will be NO explaining! Die, Namek!" She threw several Destructo Discs at him.

**A few hours later, on the Lookout**

"Really? No kidding? Wow," said Goku. Piccolo said, "Yeah, I know. You don't think she's his.." They exchanged glances, then said in unison, "Nah."

Vegeta said, "She is to be killed, like the others." Piccolo said, "I don't think that's possible, she has my regeneration power, she must've been built like Cell." Vegeta muttered, "Rats. And here I thought women were obsolete. First Kakorot's woman, now this woman, how many women are fighters?!"

Everyone burst out laughing.

"You know, Vegeta," said Goku, "Bulma may not be a fighter, but she sure as anything keeps you in check!"

Everyone burst out laughing again.

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