Fanfiction by Others

Disclaimer: DragonBall Z is copyright to Akira Toriyama.

These Cell-based fanfiction are by other great authors and are sure to have you hooked! ^^

  • Emerald Twilight Saga >By Hal Jordan
    Six months after the Majin Buu defeat, Vegeta, restless over Goku's countless victories over him, reserrects the android Cell to help him in a new and dangerous adventure..

  • Cell's Minor Setback >By trunkslover
    In the days awaiting the tournement, Cell unwittingly gets involved with a woman, resulting in her pregnancy. Now, with the task of raising a daughter, Cell trains the girl with the intent of using her to defeat his enemey Gohan. But what will happen to his plans when both Android 17 and Trunks fall for her?
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