Perfect Cell

Perfect Cell: Yes, I know. It's hard to believe that this Cell had ANY flaws. But...alas...he did....towards the end of the Cell saga, he began to unwind.

- When Gohan went SSJ2. Cell saw that he couldn't beat Gohan and that old frustration began to come out. 'WHY CAN'T I HIT YOU?! WHY?!!!' Then, he...'enlarged' himself so to speak, and began lunging at Gohan....not thinking of his own advice. He'd even told Mirai Trunks that it was SO easy to increase Flagile strength. SO WHY THE HECK DID HE MAKE HIMSELF BIGGER?! He HAD to have known that he'd be slower....just another one of those mysteries I suppose.

- When Gohan delivered the kick that caused him to regurgitate #18. As soon as he saw what had happened, he tried to re-swallow her again....but, alas, his de-transformation got in the way and he couldn't do it....but.....why didn't he try to re-absorb her when he de-evolved back into Imperfect Cell? Instead he went after Gohan. Why? Because he was that idiot Imperfect Cell again. His thinking was IMPERFECT. The only thing on his mind was....REVENGE, KILL! WIN! He had a one track mind, so to speak.

- When Cell was standing before the Great King Yama after he was defeated by Gohan. He looked so...lost and if he didn't know what was going on. Poor Seru-chan. ^^

- In the afterlife, when Cell banded with Frieza and the Ginyu force to find a way out of H.F.I.F. (Home for infinate losers) He took on those independant leadership qualities we love so much! While Frieza and King Cold were worried, he assured them that he would handle everything. He was wrong. Pikkon kicked his cute little arrogant behind..(-_-).oO ::sigh::

And so, it seemed that even in DEATH, Cell was doomed to be pathetic...but....then came redemption! (Or rather...that came before he died..)