Ginyu's Day off

The 'Ask Cell' cast.

Cell: Host/Advisor

Captain Ginyu: Annoying Camera Man

AnthyR: Site owner, Producer

Raditz: Substitute Camera Man for the day

Welp, after nearly 4 months of off air time, the 'Ask Cell' show is finally back on track. For some reason, Cell is actually on time today, sitting in his usual spot infront of the camera. He's still in a relatively good mood from last episode, but how long will THAT last? AnthyR is standing off set, reading a book. Behind the camera, (or more correctly, BESIDE it), is not our usual beloved cameraman...but the vastly haired, vaguely amused....RADITZ?! But where is Captain Ginyu?

Cell: What is this?!

AnthyR: (Looking up from her book.) What's what?

Cell: Don't be foolish! Why is that Saiyan FREAK here? Where's the other idiot?!

Raditz: You mean you?

AnthyR: I gave Ginyu the day off.

Cell: For WHAT? He doen't DO anything to EARN a day off.

AnthyR: (shrugs) I just thought we all needed a break from him. And plus he was complaining. Look, I don't hafta explain myself to you!!!!!!!!!!! I'm the PRODUCER!

Cell: (grumbles angrily to himself before glaring at Radditz) Well don't just stand there you fool...FILM ME!!

Raditz: (smirking) Oh you'd like that, wouldn't you?

Cell: Yes! As a matter of fact I would!

AnthyR: (sighing) C'mon Raditz!! It's what you're getting paid to do, afterall...

Cell: WHAT?! You mean we PAY this..this...monstrosity?!

Raditz: Haha. Surely you don't think you look any better with that ugly hat on your head..

AnthyR: Ofcourse! we pay him!! Substitutes don't come free ya know. Ginyu was the only idiot I know who'd work without pay...

Raditz: I'll have to have a talk with that freak.

Cell: You'll do nothing of the sort. And this is NOT a hat!!!!

Raditz: (amused) You are a very funny man.

AnthyR: That's what Ginyu used to think...

Cell: This is ridiculous! He hasn't even taken the cap off the lens yet!!!!!! And the Camera isn't even ON!

Raditz: (growls and powers up, taking aim at the camera)

AnthyR: NO!!!! That Camera is BORROWED!!!!!!!!!! I'LL DO IT! (aims the camera and removes the lid) There. Now all you have to do is just stand there and press stop when we finish..k?

Raditz: (Smirks)

Cell: ....can his small saiyan brain even comprehend that?

AnthyR: Here! (Shoves the printouts at Cell) Shut-up and READ! You're hurting my poor Radditzu's feelings!

Raditz: (smirks)

Cell: ...

hey cell,

you are the bomb! everybody that says your gay and all those other insults are totally WRONG! hey captain ginyu,YOU ARE THE GAYEST THING AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!everyone knows gohan wouldn't have killed you without vegeta's little distraction.what's it like being the coolest villian?I think it's good you killed that lavender head I said you're the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~cell rulz~

Cell: (smirking) Ah. Nothing makes the day more bright than starting it off with the perfect letter...

AnthyR: (sighs sadly) Too bad Ginyu wasn't here to hear that insult...

Cell: (glares) Must you ruin EVERYTHING?

Raditz: Awww....the one time horn head actually DOES get insulted, he's not around to hear it. (grins evily) Too bad.

AnthyR: IS pretty ironic isn't it? Go figure.

Cell: Be quiet!...(turns back to the camera) well 'cell rulz'....which by the way, I DO. (AnthyR rolls her eyes while Radditz snickers in the background)

Cell: (continuing), You're very right. I AM the coolest villain. And you will have the honor of having your letter added to my ever growing letter coll-..I mean, my Hall of Perfection.

Raditz: ...

AnthyR: He means his Letter Collection.

Cell: (glares and reaches for another letter)

Cell will you fire that ugly purple camra man!!! Also would you please destroy the company that made Playstation!!!!! And do you like Nintendo like they did help make you fames. Oh I forgot about my problem I want Android 18 to be on your site with her family

P.S kill Goku and Gohan and What race are you.

From Your biggest fan Vincent Tenia

AnthyR: Wow! Two insults for Ginyu in a row and he isn't here to see them. Boy. Someone up there must really HATE you Seru.

Raditz: (smirks) I know I do.

Cell: (seething) Even when that fool isn't here, he still manages to make my life a living-

AnthyR: HEY!

Cell: (sighs and turns back to the camera) Anyway Vincent, to answer your question, I really have no oppinion of these 'game systems'...although I do feel that Nintendo did an especially good job in my character design..especially with it being the traditional system...

AnthyR: (shrugs) I prefer the N64 myself. Game Cube is cool too..if they'd get some decent games on it. (sighs) Ginyu used to like Playstation.....

Cell: ...

Raditz: (shakes his head) God, you people are pathetic....

AnthyR: (sighs) Ginyu used to think that! Wait a minute..that was Wufei..nevermind..

Raditz: (muttering) ...idiot.

Cell: (glares at Anthy) Will you stop that?! I don't have all day to listen to your foolish remenising about that body theif!!!! It's not as if he's DEAD. He's coming back you foolish girl! (glares at Anthy and turns back to the camera)

Cell: Now where was I? Oh yes. Well Vincent, about your 'problem' with wanting #18 to be on my site-

AnthyR: Hold up!! If you mean your little crush, she ain't gettin' no where NEAR this place, buddy!!!!

Cell: (looks mockingly confused) Whatever do you mean?

Raditz: (smirking) You know....that blonde bomb shell.

AnthyR: BOMBSHELL?! NO! Not you too Radditz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you even know about her?! You died WAY before she made an appearance!

Raditz: (shrugs) I make it my business to know.

AnthyR: Oh....did you know about me?

Raditz: No.

AnthyR: (looks hurt) Well that's quite enough of that on this subject! And from now on the subject of #18 is off limits!!!!!! Next letter!

Cell: (frowning) You can't do that..

Raditz: (glaring) That's right!

AnthyR: And I can do anything I WANT because I'm the PRODUCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear cell Hi I`m Luke I, ve always wondered why you didn't just kamaehamaehar Gohan and destroy him why did you just slip up and let him win I mean I would have just powered up and destroyed him and his powerless friends.


Cell: (sarcastically) Well it's just too bad that you weren't there to fight them yourself then, wasn't it LUKE!!! Maybe you'd like to give it a try if you think you're so-

AnthyR: HEY! Don't take your anger out on the readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raditz: Why not?

AnthyR: (before Cell can say anything) And anyway, I'll answer this one. To answer your question Luke, in the classic words of Ginyu, 'It's cuz he's STUPID'! S. T. U.P.I.D............STUPID!

Cell: How dare YOU?!

AnthyR: Oh, I DARE alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raditz: ..what is WITH the female?! Must be that time of the month.

AnthyR: (clinches fists) GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:Glares from a distance, dressed in that same spandex/armor combo he wore in their last battle: It's been awhile android, but what you don't know CAN hurt you and I've been training :Vegeta-like smirk:

That's right Cell; much like my father, I spend a good deal of time training this mortal body, and after some doing, my rigorious schedule payed off. I've reached the next level; I've ascended.

You don't need to worry about me though; there will always be someone else to put you in your place. I'd think you would have learned that in Otherworld. Do you remember? Even after death, you teamed up with that arrogant fool Frieza, HIS FATHER, and the entire Ginyu Force, only so you could all be beaten by yet another fighter who just 'showed up'. Don't you get it you freak!? You lose your battles because you're fighting for the wrong reasons! A truly perfect being would realize he didn't need to bully others into thinking he was strong; he'd just know it.

-This message was sent twenty years from now

Cell: (glaring and barely able to control his anger)

AnthyR: Yah!!!!!!!! It's Trunks-chan!!!

Raditz: long is this blasted show going to last?!

Cell: (ignoring them both) Foolish boy! It matters not how much you train..I will still defeat you, for I am-

AnthyR: -the most powerful being in the universe..yea, yea, yea..we know Cell! Get on with it!!!

Cell: (glaring) Never interrupt me!!! And I do not 'bully' others...I can't help it if they're too weak and ignorant to understand that I am the Perfect weapon!!

Raditz: (to AnthyR) he serious?

AnthyR: (sighing) He thinks he is.

Cell: (glaring) I heard that! (smirks evily and turns back to the camera) Besides, Trunks...every episode we film there's always a letter or four from you. You obviously have taken some sick perverted liking to me that-

AnthyR: (looks nervous) H-Hey!!! There won't be none of that kind of talk up in here!! And Trunks' sexuality is NOT in question!!!!!!!!! He is 100% male, let me assure you!

Cell: I was merely stating the obvious. The boy is apparently so obsessed with me that he can think of nothing else. And how would YOU know what his preferences are? (glares in suspicion)

AnthyR: (sighs in dread) I can already see the piles of hate mail YOU'LL be getting next episode.....

You think you're the "Perfect Being", huh? Well, let me just fill you in then. You got your BUTT KICKED by an 11 year old boy, got your butt kicked yet again by some "Pikkon" guy in the H.F.I.L., and lastly, I COULD KILL YOU IN .001 SECONDS! How could I, you ask? Because, my buggy-boy friend, I am the HERO OF TIME. Yes, the Hero of Time who saved the land of Hyrule from the evil Gerudo King, Ganondorf (who was a heck of a lot stronger than you are). All I would have to do is chop you down to size with one tiny swing of my magical sword.

Yes, everyone who knows me is probably wondering: "How in Din's name was he able to send an e-mail if computers don't even exist where he comes from?!". It's quite a long story, please don't ask.

Oh, Ginyu, KEEP UP THOSE INSULTS! Your reputation is at stake!

~^~Link, the Hero of Time~^~

PS: You give all villains a bad name. Go back to the H.F.I.L where you belong.

AnthyR: Dear lord!'re even getting bashed by VIDEO GAME characters now! That's a first!

Cell: First of all, I refuse to be daunted by the fictional character to some...CHILDISH GAME!

AnthyR: HEY! You can't insult Link! He's my favoritest guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Zelda OoC was my FAVORITEST GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cell: Ignorant girl! He isn't REAL! His adventures are PURELY FICTIONAL, and his 'challenges' are laughably weak.

Raditz: ...

AnthyR: Hey! You besta shut up Cell! No one insults my Linky-boy!!!!!

Raditz: This show is insulting my Saiya-jin pride!

AnthyR and Cell: BE QUIET!

HA!! You, of all people--well, not really a PERSON; more like lizard/bug freak--reduced to hosting a 'Talk Show'! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Serves you right for ABSORBING MMEEEE!!! Oh, and just to let you know, I am Dr. Gero's GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT. Keep up those insults, Ginyu!

Android 17

PS: You suck.

Cell: (Glares furiously while clinching his fists)

Raditz: You do suck...and so does this show!!!

AnthyR: (glares at Raditz) This show does NOT suck!!!!! (turns to the camera) Don't worry! When Ginyu comes back he'll pick up where he left off...which is insulting Seru.

Cell: What?!

AnthyR: (shrugs) Anything to keep up those ratings.

Raditz: (glaring) That's it. I am GONE. Give me my $85 dollars.

Cell: (outraged) $85?! I don't even get paid that much!!!!!!! How can we afford to pay him that?!

AnthyR: (ignoring Cell) You CAN'T leave yet!!!! We aren't done!!!!!

Cell: If a substitute is getting paid that highly, then I demand a raise!

Raditz: (scoffs) This show is a JOKE. Obviously no one likes this freak...and one of your 'workers' was too STUPID to even realize he wasn't being PAID! You obviously don't know how to pick quaility employees.

Cell: How DARE you call me a freak?! And I won't have you insulting MY SHOW!

AnthyR: That's right! And look at you..planning to leave right in the middle of the show!

Raditz: (smirks) Further proving my point that you don't know how to choose quaility workers.

AnthyR: (begins to cry) But..but I don't even have 85 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!

Cell: (irritated) She's right. She's a college student. They don't have anything.

Raditz: I don't care WHAT your excuse is! You'll pay me NOW before I get MAD!

Cell: (suddenly suspicious) What are you doing here anyway? How did you get out of the H.F.I.L?

Raditz: How did you?

Cell: (looks dismissive) hmph. Once a loser, always a loser...

Raditz: Speak for yourself, LOSER!

AnthyR: OK! That's ENOUGH! Cell read another Email!!!!!!

Cell: ...If Ginyu were here you'd be yelling at him..

AnthyR: Yes I would but he's not here is he? And I don't feel like being FRIED by Radditz here so SHUT UP!

To Cell

Look man. You're the best person there is on dragonballz. You rule. But admit it. You can't beat gohan! Gohan is just TOO COOL for you. No disrespect, but it's the truth. You still are my favorite villian though. Oh, and another thing. Why did Dr. Gero make you green? Did he like that color, or did he just have no other color? Please answer this. Anything you say will be fine because I'm a HARD CORE Cell fan.

Raditz: See? Even his so called 'fans' insult him!! What a laugh.

AnthyR: Raditz! I won't stand by while you insult my Seru-chan!

Cell: (glaring at AnthyR) I don't need you taking up for me! (turns back to the camera) And how many times MUST I repeat this?! GOHAN DID NOT DEFEAT ME!!!!! I was ambushed by him and his wretched, cheating friends! And as for Gohan being 'cool'...(smirks) I really must beg to differ. He is, infact, anything BUT so. As for my coloring....(pauses in thought) Anyway it's not important!!

Raditz: Can't find an answer?

Cell: Just do your job and film me! You don't get paid to talk.

AnthyR: (muttering) He's not getting paid to do much of anything really...

Dear Cell,

Boy, Did I ever beat you up. Yep, sure did. With all your cheap tricks, you couldn't scare me away. You didn't scare me one bit. Wasn't for me slipping when I was trying to do the Dynamite Punch at the Cell Games, it would have been over faster. Sure it wasn't for my stomach aching at the time, I would of have beaten you a lot sooner. Being the Champ that I am, I let those wannabes take a shot and prove to the world that they couldn't measure up to me. It was too bad there was no cameras working, letting the world see thier Hero beating you into the ground. HAHAHAHA!! YYYEEEAAAHHH!! WHOSE THE CHAMP!


AnthyR: Now that's low. Being insulted by HERCULE?!

Raditz: Who's that?

Cell: (unfazed) Just some first class nobody. I should have killed him when I had the chance...(covers his eyes in boredom) My good mood is wanning. I grow weary of these constant insults.

Raditz: (amused) Really? One would think that you'd be used to them by now.

Cell: I haven't the time for your childish games. (sighs) I shall never understand the ways of these Saiyans and their perpetual idiocy....(reaches for another printout)

Dear Cell:

What did it feel like when you absorbed the androids? Did it feel better when you absorbed Juuhachigou (#18) than it did when you absorbed Juunanagou (#17)? Okay, thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Anonymous

Raditz: (smirk) Yes Cell. What was it like?

Cell: (suspiciously) Why do you care?

Raditz: I don't!

AnthyR: Well I DO! And I hope you didn't enjoy it!!! Sucking people up through your tail is just SICK. (looks disgusted) And we aren't going to answer this question so lets just go to the next letter!

Cell: ....

Raditz: Jealousy is a weak emotion.

AnthyR: SHUT UP!

Cell: (thoughtfully) ..I must agree with Radditz. You seem unusually.....inbalanced today. Could it have anything to do with that #18 comment eariler?

Raditz: (shakes his head) Don't tell me....are you JUST figuring it out?!

AnthyR: EVERYBODY JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Cell this is your biggest fan here. I have a question 1.)if you hate ginyu so much why don't you just kill him and I would film and 2.) when you were in your second form fighting gohan why didn't you absorb him and self destruct so you would be even more powerful cauz if you want more power why don't you just keep self destructing cauz you would become stronger from the saiyan cells and you would absorb the peeps technique.p.s. can you teach me how to do your combat moves so i can reac havoc like you wanted to? And thank you for killing trunks i hated him the only cool dbz character is CELL CELL CELL!!!

Caroline Corkum

Cell: (smirking) last...a decent letter! I get so few of them...(turns to the camera) I keep Ginyu around because he amuses me and we don't have to pay him. As for your next question, I suppose I just wasn't thinking clearly. (shrugs) And I prefer not thinking of that time, thank you! (glares)

AnthyR: Imperfect Cell form 2 wasn't very smart either. I doubt he even considered the possibility of absorbing others.

Cell: (glares)

Raditz: (in disgust) I can't believe Saiyan DNA was used to make that FREAK.

Cell: (laughing) You fool..I am much more superior to you in both power AND intellect! Anyway, Caroline I suppose I could attempt to train you, but I doubt that you'd be able to keep up with my perfect abilities.

Raditz: Hmph. Train? He couldn't potty train ..much less train himself..

AnthyR: (sighs) Here we go again...

Hey Cell! Do you mind if I invented a character who is your daughter? Her name is Charlotte..but how she was born is.. insulting to your god like image..I wrote a story where during one of the 10 days u were waiting for the Z peeps ( i hate them all! i hate trunks i hate gohan!! ) you went out barhopping..and..need i say more? Anyways, Charlotte's half-human (duh ) and in the story, you train her all during her childhood and teen years, to beat Gohan. But when she turns 17 years old, she..well, you'll be able to read it once I send it in to .

CELL YOU RULE YOU RULE!! TRUNKS AND GOHAN AND GOKU and Vegeta SUCK! And Ginyu, quit insulting Cell! You're lucky Vegeta didn't kill you when you were in the frog's body! You have NO right to call Cell imprefect when you yourself can only power up to..what was it?...oh yeah.. 117,000. which is low, so dont be insulting Cell! He rules!! And yes, I AM a girl.

~Jennifer, the creator of the daughter of the greatest warrior and coolest villian of ALL TIME!!

P.S. My friend Michael says you resemble a cockroach, and he also says you suck. Dont blame me, its his words.

(You can also read that fanfiction here in the fanfiction section)

Cell: Well're obviously one of the more intellegent humans..(glares at Anthy who blinks blankly back) but I'm afraid your friend Micheal isn't very bright, is he? And what do you mean 'insulting to my image'?

Raditz: Is this all you people DO?

AnthyR: (glares in exasperation) What do you mean?! This is 'Ask Cell'!!!!!!!!! People send in questions...or..actually I guess they send in mostly insults...but anyway, that's the show!!

Raditz: Stupid girl! Did I ASK you?!

Cell: Raditz! I'm trying to read here, if you don't mind! So do your job and keep silent!

Raditz: Make me!!

AnthyR: Cell! Were you just taking up for me?

Cell: No.

AnthyR: (sighs)

Dear Cell Have you read any of youre fanfics? Have you read the one called "Changed by love" (its on the site called Perfection)Whats youre opion on that one?

~~Lady Rose~~

PS You should get Heero as a guest reader ^^ I'd luv to see what happens LOL

Cell: Heero? I know nothing of this...'heero'.

AnthyR: He's another guy from Gundam Wing.

Cell: (Furiously) I will NOT tolorate any more of those boys on my show!!

AnthyR: (winks conspiriously)...Don't worry Lady Rose..I'll see what I can do.

Cell: (frowns) We'll see about THAT... And to answer your question, yes I HAVE read the story.

AnthyR: (excitedly) I LOVED it!!!!! It was the first Cell fanfiction I've ever read!!!!!!!! (sighs dreamily and darts infront of the camera)

Cell: (irritated) You're blocking my view!

AnthyR: If you haven't read that story, go read it!! It's so great to see Cell showing his emotions!!!!

Cell: .....

Raditz: Hmph. Stupid humans. Now I can see how you can be on such good terms with're as weak as they are! (shoves Anthy to the side and steps in front of the camera) I've come to a conclusion. I will take over this show! From now on you can refer to it as 'Ask Radditz, the greatest warrier to ever live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

AnthyR: (on the floor) offense but...well, you're NOT living. You're DEAD.

Cell: (Smirks) Very much so.

To: Perfect Cell

Cell i need you undiying help at the moment , to put it bluntly i am you but the oppiset sex i come from an alternet demiesion and i have been stranded here for some time now , the reason i am asking this is if we combine our vast intelect it might be possible for me to return yo my demension . If you do not wont to I understand completly you having a busy sceduel to keep up with . Thank you for reading this portion of my letter please allow ginyu to read the other half.

To Ginyu

the reason you do not get piad is because you are a namecian frog and therefor have no right to collerct a pay check .And ginyu you are ugly ,arogent,stupid,and a lot of outher things which would be inaproperet for i a perfect being beyond you'er level of understanding to say .

To Gohan

shut you'er trap you littel arogent fool i have no dought the my alter ego could have killed you if he haddent be distraced. Sincerly Ultamet Cell

Cell: (looks suspicously) Hmm...well you certainly share my oppinions concerning that purple headed imbecil and Gohan..but how can you be me if you're of the opposite sex? And If you're originally from that dimension in the first are you stranded?

AnthyR: I think she means she's stranded this dimesion.

Cell: (annoyed) Then why haven't I seen her?! (glares at Raditz who is still standing in front of the camera) Will you get that fool out of my way?!! My fans can't see my perfect face!!!

AnthyR: (sighs and approaches Raditz wearily) C'mon Raditz..the faster we get this over with, the faster you can get paid.

Raditz: (snarls) I'll be getting paid regardless you little wench!

AnthyR: Yea, just keep thinking that.

Raditz: What was that?!

AnthyR: (uneasily) Um..nothing. Cell..why don't you read another email?

Cell: I was getting to that...

Dear Cell... i haev tried time and tim again to fly, but i just can't. eveytime i try i end up breking numerus bones so i thogt i wasn't going to high enough places. i have jumped off the ruff of myhouse, my school, but i just end up getting hurt. what is worng with me? i just want to be like you.


Cell: ......

Raditz: I'll tell you what's wrong little're STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your first problem is wanting to be like him in the first place. Who in their right MIND would want to be like THAT?! (glares in disgust at Cell) You deserved every one of those injuries you got you little WEAKLING!! Have some PRIDE! And learn how to SPELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AnthyR: (appalled) RADITZ!!!!!!!!!! Rule number one...NEVER INSULT THE READERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cell: (ignores them both)'s only natural that you'd want to be like me. (smirks) I AM afterall, the perfect warrier. And on your little 'problem'...(laughs in amusement)'re simply going about it the wrong way. One cannot possibly learn how to fly by simply leaping off of high must first have a certain ki abilitiy to begin with.

AnthyR: (gasps) Cell!!! Did you actually just give GOOD advice?! (runs over to him and checks his forehead for a fever) seem ok....

Cell: (irritated) What have I told you about touching me?!

Raditz: (sarcastically) Never do it in public?

Cell: (smirks) What an amusing sense of humor you have, Raditz. It's also amusing that I'm billions of times stronger than you.

Raditz: What?! There's no WAY a bug freak like you can defeat me!!!!! I'm a first class Saiyan warrier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AnthyR: ...Raditz. You got defeated by Piccolo and Goku back when their powerlevels were still in the hundreds, and you think you can go against someone like CELL?! (sucks teeth) Boy please. Go sit down.

Hey Cell- I think you are the coolest (and cutest) character ever in Dragon Ball Z!! It's only 'cause of Vegeta's cowardly sneak attack that you got killed by Gohan (uh-oh, I mentioned Gohan- please don't destroy the earth!)! Okay, I heard from a friend that in DBGT, Goku somehow convinced you to join the Z fighters in their battle against Majin Buu. Is this true (Hey that rhymes)? Anyway, since I think you got a thing for Anthy R., I guess I can't win you over, huh? >sniff sniff< oh well... Hey, Captain Ginyu, you're so fuuunnnny! All of you guys are! Keep on answering the e-mails!


Cell: Well Kelly. To answer your question, no. I would NEVER join forces with Goku for any reason! (looks disgusted at the thought) Anyway, you are obviously a very intellegant girl except for one little thing...I do NOT like AnthyR!

Raditz: Liar.

Cell: What was that?!

AnthyR: (gasps) You're in LOVE with me?!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Runs over and glomps Cell happily)

Cell: Stop that!!!! (glares at Radditz) See what you've done?! And when did anyone ever mention LOVE?!

Raditz: (disgusted) Your pathetic human emotions make me sick.


AnthyR: Cell! I love you too!!!!!!!

Cell: Get away from me!

Raditz: That's it. I've got better things to do than to watch you two fornicate on screen! I'll be back for my money LATER. (flies through the roof)

AnthyR: (stops hugging Cell) HEY! I've never fornicated in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cell: (glaring up at the hole in the studio roof) LOOK AT MY ROOF!!!! That's coming out of your pay check you know!!!!!!!!

AnthyR: (sighs) Well I suppose Raditz didn't work out...

Cell: ...(glaring)

AnthyR: (steps in front of the camera) Well, that's our show for today folks, but listen. Since Ginyu won't be back for another episode or so, we'll still need a decent camera man.

Cell: (annoyed) Why can't you just film the show?

AnthyR: (rolls eyes) What do I look like to you? A Camera man?! (shakes head and faces the camera again) Anyway, cast your vote on the quizlet out on the main page for your choice of subsitute Cameraman..

Cell: (suspicously) Who are the choices?

AnthyR: (nervously) Um..gotta go!


The 'Ask Cell' Bonus after special

Well, I figured since I hadn't updated this section in a while, I owed you guys here it is, inspired by author Ash the Wanderer's 'Blame Kakkarot'. Just remember to sing this to the tune of the song What would Brian Boitano Do from the South Park Movie. Happy reading! (and ignore the oddness of Piccolo and Vegeta singing) ^^

*A past scene is shown with Ginyu insulting Cell*

All the Z cast: What would captain Ginyu do? If he were here right now? I'm sure he'd crack a joke or two, that's what Captain Ginyu'd do!

AnthyR: When Captain Ginyu was on the set, filming Perfect Cell..he picked and teased and blew off steam and stupid made look Cell.


Piccolo: And when Captain Ginyu was on Namek, fighting Son Goku, he changed and switched his body and became that fool, it's true!

All the Z cast: So what would Captain Ginyu do, if he were here today, I'm sure he'd laugh at Cellsy-Poo! That's what Captain Ginyu'd do!

AnthyR: I want Ginyu to come back.....he's the cheapest worker I've ever had!!

Cell: And I just want to kill and destroy everyone...

Vegeta: For one day I'll beat Kakkorot!

AnthyR: But what does Ginyu have to do with that?!

All: So what would Captain Ginyu do? He'd get all the losers in town. And make them strike a pose or two, that's what Captain Ginyu'd do!

(musical interlude)

Yamucha: When Captain Ginyu was a frog at the Capsule corperate place, he ruled the pond and became the king and with flies he stuffed his face.

All the Z cast: And when Captain Ginyu got this job, he outsmarted Perfect Cell..cuz Captain Ginyu doesn't take it from AAAAAANNNYYYYYYYYY BOOOOOOODDYYYYYYYYYY....

Cell: This entire song is a LIE!

All the Z cast : So lets get all the cast together! And unite to get him back! And we'll bring Seru with us too, cuz Ginyu wouldn't want us too... And we'll bring Seru with us too cuz that's what Ginyu wouldn't DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cuz that's what Ginyu wouldn't do!