The Sabotage

The 'Ask Cell' cast.

Cell: Host/Advisor

Captain Ginyu: Annoying Camera Man

AnthyR: Site owner, Producer

Last time on 'Ask Cell'....

AnthyR, (Without Cell's permission), gave Ginyu the day off, rendering the set cameramanless. At the last minute, Anthy somehow managed to convince Raditz into filling in, which turned out to be a total disaster. But with the winner of the poll being Vegeta, will THIS episode be any better? And just WHEN is Ginyu coming back?!

Cell walks in, late as always and with his usual scowl. He glares up at the hole Raditz made in the ceiling)

Cell: Just when are you planning to get that fixed? (looks distastefully at Anthy)

AnthyR: Whenever we get the money.

Cell: Hmph. Well it had better be soon! Ginyu's little escapade is costing us hundreds of dollars in replacement camramen! (looks towards the empty camera) Just where IS the cameraman?

AnthyR: ::frowning:: I dunno..he should have been here by now..

Cell: All I know is that it had better not be Raditz. ::crosses arms::

AnthyR: ......

(The lights suddenly grow dim and Eminem's 'Without Me' begins to blare from an unseen radio)

Cell: ...what is this?

: Guess who's back....back again. Ginyu's back...tell a friend. Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back back back....

the lights flick back on, and Ginyu stands in the doorway dressed in a hawaiian shirt.

Captain Ginyu: I'm baaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cell: (scowling) Showoff.

AnthyR: GINYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Captain Ginyu: That's right, baby! The captain's BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AnthyR: We missed you!!!!!!!!!!

Cell: ..speak for yourself.

Captain Ginyu: Even bugsy?

Cell: No.

Captain Ginyu: Oh.

AnthyR: (running up to hug Ginyu, but smacks him upside his head.)

Captain Ginyu: OW!!!! What was THAT for?!

AnthyR: For all the MONEY you cost us!!! Do you know how much we've had to pay out since you've been gone?!!! How much GRIEF you caused my Seru-chan?!

Cell: ...

AnthyR: Now get your butt behind that camera and start doin' some FILMIN' man!!!!!!! (goes to sit down offset)

Captain Ginyu: But it's my day OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AnthyR: Not anymore, pal!!

Cell: Can we just get this over with?

(Ginyu grumbles as he shuffles over to the camera, pausing to stare up at the hole in the ceiling)

Captain Ginyu: How did THAT happen?

Cell: Don't worry about it. You'll be repairing it soon enough.

Captain Ginyu: But-

AnthyR: JUST READ A LETTER!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Cell, I noticed that in the last batch of questions, almost everyone was sending you hate mail and you seemed kinda down which make me sad :( So I have taken a page out of Captain Ginyu's book (yes...Ginyu...he does have some good ideas every so often) and I have created the dance of luuurve especially for you! (You have to say the title in a sexy voice or it isn't funny). Now whenever you get hate mail you know that I will be doing my dance of luuurve for you! I guess to get this letter in the "ask cell" section I'll have to ask you a question...hmmmm....ok. ASIDE from fighting, killing, and insulting worthless bakas, what do you like to do in your spare time?

~From Lettucequeen *starts dancing*

AnthyR: That's......disturbing. Sweet, but disturbing.

Cell: (smirking) Ah. Yet another one of my many admirers.

Captain Ginyu: (from behind the camera) That Lettucequeen had the right idea. ::kneels down:: Anthy! Allow me to perform the dance of love!

AnthyR: Sure thing, Gins!!!

Cell: (looks disgusted) NO! What have I told you about that?! He will NOT be dancing on my set! At ALL. And why are you so bound and determined to see him perform? ::glares:: Oh, nevermind. Anyway Lettucequeen, in my spare time, I'm usually.....standing.

AnthyR: ..Standing?

Cell: Yes. I like to stand.

AnthyR: ...

Captain Ginyu: He also likes to read his letter collection.

Cell: (glaring) Quiet you! (grumbles to himself and goes to sit down on his stool)

AnthyR: Ginyu, just shut up and-

(There is a loud crash and a startled cry as Cell's beloved stool breaks)

Cell: (from the ground) My stool!

AnthyR: AHHH! What happened?!

Cell: (looking horrified) I went to sit down and my stool broke...(suddenly furious) Alright, who did this?!

Captain Ginyu: Geez. This place has been falling apart since I been gone. First the ceiling and now THIS.

AnthyR: It has NOT! Look, Cellsy. It probably just collasped under your weight or somethin'. I mean, you aren't the lightest thing in the world.

Cell: ::glares::

AnthyR: ::sighs:: Listen, we'll get you a NEW stool, ok?

Cell: ..It's not the same...

AnthyR: Huh?

Cell: ::glaring:: Oh, nevermind. (grabs another printout)

Captain Ginyu: ::snickers:: Geez, what a baby. If he likes to stand so much then what's the big deal?

Cell i think your the best,i love u! i was wondering do u like #18?please forgive me if i offended u.


Kill captain Ginyu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cell: ...

Captain Ginyu: KILL me?! What kind of SICKO person would do somethin' like THAT? And this person isn't very smart if she thinks BUGSY BOY here is the best..

AnthyR: Ginyu shut up!!! Can't you see he's just lost his STOOL?! Show some compassion!!!

Cell: I agree with LOL. I AM the coolest villain. I'm certainly MUCH better than Ginyu, and as for #18, let me clarify something once and for all. I-

AnthyR: HOLD UP! What have I told you about mentioning her?! She is OFF LIMITS! NOT to be discussed. There won't be none o' that on THIS show. ::mumbling:: I'm gonna have to start screening these letters...

Cell: ....

Captain Ginyu: Anyway idiots, can we move on? These delays are seriously cramping my graceful Ginyu-y style. And I'm missing Sailor Moon and Spongebob!

Cell: ...

AnthyR: ::looks at watch:: You're right. We gotta hurry, Yu Yu Hakusho plays tonight!!!!!!!

Cell: .......

Konnichi wa Cell, Captain Ginyu and AnthyR . My name's Mike Woods and I'm a Martial Artist and a huge anime fan and most notably Dragon Ball Z. I want to make a few statements, express some opinions and ask a few questions. First of all, the Cell saga is by far my favorite Dragon Ball Z saga, you, Cell, played the roll of a villian very well and added a great sci-fi twist to the series. I've even done some artwork with you in it. Your design is good, it basically puts together the best of every fighting style and race into one which, in terms of Martial Arts stategy, is very smart. In my Martial Arts training I basically do the same thing, take what I like from what I study and combine it with other good aspects from other Martial Arts. O.K., I also want to straighten up a couple of untrue rumors about you "Cell". First of all Gohan didn't defeat you, and believe me I am by no means standing up for a villian but as a completely objective person I do call things the way I see them. It was a five-on-one deal which took everything every Z Warrior involved had to win. After you came back from self-destructing nobody there was going to beat you one-on-one, not even Gohan, period. Another thing I want to clear up is the fight where Goku and Pikkon went to the H.F.I.L to stop you and your co-horts Frieza, King Cold and the remaining Ginyu Force from terrorizing the place. When Pikkon attacked you were caught completely off guard. You were focused on fighting Goku and didn't even know Pikkon was there and no matter how strong someone is if they are caught totally off guard then they'll be at a HUGE disadvantage. It's possible for a weaker fighter to beat a stronger fighter under those circumstances and I'm willing to bet that if Pikkon would had fought you toe-to-toe he wouldn't had been so lucky. But hey, you had to follow the Dragon Ball Z script so it's no big deal, I know the truth. Another comment to you is isn't things a lot nicer now that you aren't trying to kill innocent people but rather getting letters from them, reacting to their comments "even praise in some cases" and overall running a good and successful talk show? I think things are looking up for you, there's good in everyone and that includes you too whether or not you want to admit it. Keep it up huh? I have a comment for Captain Ginyu, you're great comic relief but you should lay off Cell a little, it makes him lose his concentration on the letters he's reading. And I have a comment for AnthyR, great job on your Cell web site, it's the absolute best I've ever seen and it's very in depth and entertaining. Supashi-bo,

~Mike Woods

AnthyR: My! What a nice letter!!!!

Cell: ::smirks:: Yes. And obviously from an incredibly intellegent person. FINALLY someone who understands..

AnthyR: Hall of Perfection material?

Cell: ::nods:: I think so.

Captain Ginyu: Hold on! If Bug-man can't take the heat on my insulting, he should stay out of the kitchen!!! And I don't insult him..I NEVER insult him!!! I just.....tell the truth as I see it!!!

AnthyR: (ignoring Ginyu) Y'know, that guy had a point, Seru. I mean, ISN'T this so much nicer than your original plan to destroy the earth?? You get to see what everyone thinks of you and stuff...PLUS you get all this cool fan-mail!!

Cell: ..I suppose. Though one can HARDLY call this living a successful life..

AnthyR: ::glares:: Hey!!!

Cell: (smirks and reaches for another printout) Hmm..this one feels unusually heavy- (The letter suddenly explodes, and Cell's hands fly off, one of them landing in Anthy's lap.)

AnthyR: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Get it off getitoff getitOOFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cell: My HANDS!!!!!!!!!

Captain Ginyu: (from behind the camera) Haha..need a hand? AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! Get it??

AnthyR: ::hyperventalating::

Cell: Okay, what is going ON?! First my stool and now my HANDS..which I happen to need MORE than my stool!!!! (waves his now hand-less wrists in the air)


(Meanwhile from the shadows, a short, spikey haired figure sinisterly watches the events.)

Spikey haired figure: Hehe...buckle up boys and girls...I'm just getting started....

Cell: (regenerates his hands) GINYU!!! Did you do this?!!!!

Captain Ginyu: Do what?

Cell: ::glares:: Don't play with me! Did you plant a BOMB in this letter?!!!

AnthyR: ::sighs:: OFCOURSE he didn't!! Ginyu isn't smart enough to do something like that.

Captain Ginyu: Yea! That's right!!! (realizes what she just said) Hey wait a minute..what do you mean 'isn't smart enough'??

AnthyR: Anyway, it had to be a really powerful bomb to actually blow off your hands... ::shudders::

Cell: ::glares:: ...all the same. I think it'd be wise to let Ginyu read the next letter.

AnthyR: I agree.

Captain Ginyu: WHAT?!

AnthyR: If someone's trying to assasinate Cell we have to protect him. I mean..he IS the star of the show, afterall. People like you are expendable.

Captain Ginyu: Oh I get it. Death to the cameraman, eh?

AnthyR: Exactly.

Dear Cell,

Do you want to arm wrestle?


Captain Ginyu: That'd be kinda hard to do without hands.....

Cell: ::glares:: Quiet you! Get back to your job!!

Captain Ginyu: But I thought you told me to read the letters..

Cell: Well I'm UN-telling you now. So GO!

Captain Ginyu: ...

Cell: ..and as for YOU Recoome. ::smirks:: How is life back in the H.F.I.L? I'll bet you miss those chocolate bars, of yours. Something of which I have access to 24/7..

Captain Ginyu: Recoome! You'd better be practicing those poses!! As Captain I REFUSE to lead someone who has no sense of style. ::strikes a pose::

Cell: ...

AnthyR: Captain of WHAT? The Ginyu force is DEAD.

Cell: So why is he still called Captain Ginyu?

AnthyR: That's a good point.

Ginyu: HEY!!! It's CAPTAIN to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Captain Ginyu: ..that's better.

Dear Cell,

Now since you have the capability to destroy me I won't make my rants and raves long but you sick bastard you ruined my little stud muffin Vegeta's pride. he is the hottest saiayan that ever lived and I'm glad he did that final flash on you in the cell games so you got your @$$ kicked by gohan. Vegeta rocks and I hope he reads this cuz he is a million times hotter, stronger, nicer (wait never mind), and sexier than you. So suck Frieza you sick gay lizard.

Signed, Vegeta's Princess Vettie

Cell: (furiously)

AnthyR: ::sighs:: somehow I knew it'd only be a matter of time before he got a hatemail...

Captain Ginyu: YEA! AHAHA! Back on track!

Cell: First of all let me tell YOU something. If anyone is 'gay' as you put it, it is Vegeta with his uncanny obsession with Goku! I would have thought you'd realize that by now. Vegeta has an obsession with Goku just like that perverted SON of his seems to have some sick obsession with me..

(From the shadows, the spikey haired figure growls in anger)

Spikey haired figure: He'll pay dearly for that.......

AnthyR: ..are you talking about Trunks?

Cell: YES! And besides. If Vegeta is so GREAT, then why isn't he hosting his own talk show?? ::smirks:: Oh yes. I forgot. He's too bent on becoming stronger, a feat which he shall NEVER achieve as I have acheived my ultimate perfec-

Captain Ginyu: Wanna hear what I think?

Cell and Anthy: NO!

Captain Ginyu: ...just asking.

Cell: Well DON'T ask. And NEVER interrupt me! Just get behind the camera and FILM!!

Captain Ginyu: ....

(Ginyu takes his place behind the camera, aiming it carefully at Cell, when suddenly a bullet flies out at incredible speed hitting Cell square in the chest, & sending him back several feet.)

AnthyR: AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cell: (from the ground... again) Did he just SHOOT me!??

AnthyR: GINYU!! Are you trying to KILL Cell?!

Captain Ginyu: NO! I mean...the fans are doing a good enough job as it is with all the hate mail..but NO! Do I look like a murderer to you?

AnthyR: ..guess not. So that must mean that this place is................. HAUNTED. ::shivers::

Captain Ginyu: H-haunted? Like...ghost haunted?

AnthyR: I'm SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Captain Ginyu: Me too!!!!!!

Cell: ::disgustedly:: Oh be quiet!! There ARE no ghosts!!

Captain Ginyu: That's what Scooby Doo used to think too..and then he went to Zombie Island-

Cell: There ARE no ghosts!!! Now get over here! And YOU, ::glares at Anthy:: Get behind that camera!!

Captain Ginyu and AnthyR: WHAT?!

AnthyR: Do I look like a Cameraman to you?!

Captain Ginyu: ::hopefully:: You mean I get to host??

Cell: No you fools! This is MY show and I am it's host. Anthy will run the camera on YOU incase any more bullets appear while I read the letters offset.

Captain Ginyu: ......but-

AnthyR: C'mon's not like they're gonna hurt you.

Captain Ginyu: But bug man is stronger than I am! What does he care if he gets hit by one?

Hey cell do you like anthyR. I think you do so just go out with anthyR. do it or else you don't want to see a girl in a bad mood even if you are the strongest one on the show

P. s ginyu shut up !!!


Cell: ....

Captain Ginyu: HEY!!!!!!!!! Everyones always telling me to shut up and I don't like it! ::pouts::

AnthyR: ::Smiles widely:: Now this letter is going into MY letter collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (turns to Cell) So Cell. Why don't you answer the question!! (looks hopeful)

Cell: ::glares::

Captain Ginyu: ....And I will NOT shut up!!! I won't be silenced!!!!!!!!!!!

AnthyR: Ginyu shut UP!!!!!!!!!

Captain Ginyu: ..FINE! But not because you told me to! ::pouts::

AnthyR: Anyway Seru, please continue.

Cell: ::smirks:: Very well. So then, Impryoko2. If you must know, then no. I do NOT, nor have I EVER liked AnthyR. She's just...useful to have around for my amusement. There! Are you happy?? Now this subject is CLOSED! (reaches for another printout)

AnthyR: ::devistateded::

Captain Ginyu: HALLELUJAH!

dear cell

i have written you several insulting lettetrs but those were mearly for laughs to annoy my sister who is in-love with you! but you have to admit that practically all of the flaws i found about you were either true or mostly true. and i would like to ask a few questions.

1. why didn't you kill that ass hercule?

2. why didn't you you try to absorb gohan after you lost android 18 all you needed to do was use solar flare on him and them stick him cause he does not know how you absorb people.

3. do you really need to absorb the androids to evolve or do you just need a certain amount of stolen power?

4. when you are fully evolved you look like you might be in some discomfort due to your smaller body and tight armor (you know the green dotted armor.)

well that's all for now from chris snyder

Cell: ::laughing::

Captain Ginyu: ...did I just miss something?

Cell: Only your brain. ::smirks:: Letters like this SO amuse me. Really, it's quite obvious the boy is as in love with me as his SISTER! Infact, EVERYONE who insults me is in love with me, they're just in denile.

Captain Ginyu: ..okay that's just SICK. I think YOU'RE in denile.

Cell: ::smirks:: I didn't kill Hercule because I didn't want to waste the energy and EFFORT. And #2, I could barely TOUCH Gohan, much less try to absorb him. Oh yes. Even I'LL admit that. ::glares:: #3, the androids were part of my design. It was DESTINED to be. No matter how many humans I would have absorbed it could never measure up to the power the androids would give after absorbtion. And as for your last COMMENT..I'll just ignore that because my armor ISN'T tight; it's perfect. And to be technical this ISN'T armor anyway!

Captain Ginyu: It looks like armor.

Cell: ::glares:: mind your own business!

Captain Ginyu: ...

Dear Cell,

Well, well, I was going through one of your letters and I saw my name. Iwas just wondering who in the H.F.I.L. thinks I'm GAY!!! Do you think I'm gay? Come on really I'm not Gay at all!! Really I'm not!

~Love Frieza

Captain Ginyu: Master Frieza! Sorry to tell ya this but everyone thinks you're ga- wait a minute.........just he just sign that letter 'Love Frieza'??

AnthyR: Me thinks the lady doth deny too much.

Cell: ::growls:: How did this get in here?! I told him NEVER to write me here!!!! And how did he get this address?!

Captain Ginyu: you admit that you've had with him?

Cell: ::glares::'d like to think that, wouldn't you?

hi, i just want to give my opinion and say to you cell......that u totally and completely suck, u suck so bad that when god said let the sucky idiots come out u were already 2 milles ahead; wanna know why u suck sooooooooo bad, first because u killed goku and left poor gohan on its own second u killed trunks why? huh why? and last but not least an eleven year old beat u that makes u the suckyville king, and also keep the good insults ginyu, because u rule.

~vale angelini

Captain Ginyu: Yea! Now this is my kind o' letter!!

Cell: ::Furiously:: How DARE you!!! I'll have you know that I am PERFECT! Perfection cannot is impossible!!!!! Goku died through no fault of my own. Infact, I graciously warned EVERYONE before they entered my tournement that there might be the possiblity of death!!!

Captain Ginyu: But you said you'd try to avoid it.

Cell: But I also said that there was STILL A POSSIBLITY! Now be quiet! As for killing Trunks, I see no need to explain my actions. I am perfection at it's finest! He should feel honored to be killed by me. And as for your last comment I-

AnthyR: -was not defeated, blah, blah, blah. We've heard all THAT before.

Cell: Insolent girl! How DARE you interrupt me!

AnthyR: I'm tired of your attitude and the way you treat me, Cell!!!!

Captain Ginyu: Me too.

AnthyR: You're always taking me for granted!!! I need to be appreciated.

Captain Ginyu: I agree.

Cell: You?! It is I who needs to be appreciated! When was the last time you could call yourself perfect, hmm?? I on the other hand am CONSTANTLY-

AnthyR: That's it!! You've insulted me for the last time!! I'm leaving and when I walk out that door I AIN'T comin' back.

Captain Ginyu: Preach it, sista!!!

Cell: FINE!

AnthyR: FINE!!!!!!!

Captain Ginyu: Fine!

Spikey haired Figure: Fine.

Everyone, (minus Cell) screams at the sound of the new voice.

Captain Ginyu: W-who said that?

Cell: ::dryly:: The ghost of christmas past.

AnthyR: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Captain Ginyu: We're gonna DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cell: ..I was being sarcastic, you idiot.

Captain Ginyu: Oh.

Cell: (glares around the studio) Anyway I will NOT be run out of my studio by something as trivial as this. (reaches for another letter)

Dear oh so PERFECT ONE,
You are without a doubt the greatest person,no being in the entire universe.There is no one,AND I MEAN NO ONE who can defeat you.Not Goku,his punk@$$ son Gohan,that arrogant brat Vegeta,or any for that matter.You are the strongest,oh perfect one,and you need to find a new camera man.Kill Ginyu.What purpse do he serves besides bother you so you can kill him in the long one.Now,may I ask a few question and I will take up your perfect time no more:
1.Exactly how old are you?
2.If given the chance,would you kill Goku again?
3.Did it matter in which order you asborb 17 and 18?
4.Do you fly by using your wings or do you use your ki?
5.Can you slap Ginyu for me?
That's it for now.If I have any more questions,may I ask you without taking up your time.Thank you for you time.


Cell: ::smirking:: Well, well, well. Another perfect letter to add to my ever growing letter colle-...I mean, my Hall of Perfection...

Captain Ginyu: actually took the time to name your letter collection?! What a loser......

Cell: ::glares:: You're ruining the moment. Anyway, thank you Timbaland, for that HONEST letter.

Captain Ginyu: It just proves how STUPID some people can be.

Cell: ::glares:: Quiet, you! Anyway where was I? Oh yes. My age. I believe you humans would call it-

AnthyR: I'm 19!!!!!!!

Cell: ..did anyone ASK?

Captain Ginyu: I sure didn't.

Cell: Are you QUITE finished? ::glares:: Hmph. Anyway yes. If given the chance, I would kill Goku. AGAIN. As for the order of the android absorbtions, no, it really didn't matter which one came first. ::Smirks:: I just wanted to save #18 for last because-

AnthyR: ::Glaring::

Cell: ::sighs:: ......Question number 4, I use my wings to manuever through the air, but technically I use my ki to fly. And for your final question.. (smirks evilly at Ginyu)

Captain Ginyu: That bug ain't gettin' NEAR me, kid!! (grabs another letter)

Cell: Put that down!!! I'M the only one allowed to touch those!!

Captain Ginyu: EHEHEHE! I think I like this one....

cell, ok i hate you. a lot. u r very very very gay. let me tell you some things though #1 ginyu rocks and anthy.r is awesome too and if you were smart you'd go out with her. #2 you are so stupid if you were beaten by a wussy 11 year old i could beat up with a pinky. #3 I love vegeta!!!!!! Vegeta is by far the sexiest man alive and you are nothing but a green lizard bwa ha ha ha ha. the only cool thing about you is you have vegeta's cells in you. ginyu is cool too. i'm glad he switched bodies with goku. goku didn't deserve that sexy body. ginyu did. #4 my name is Shenza.

sincerely, shenza

AnthyR: ::crying:: Oh Shenza!!!!! ..I'm so HAPPY you understand!!!!!!

Captain Ginyu: I'm happy that everyone likes me and HATES Buggy boy!

Cell: ::glaring:: Well I'm NOT happy...... not AT ALL!!! This is MY show and I'M the only one who should be liked by all....

AnthyR: doesn't work like that....

Captain Ginyu: HAHAH! Look! He's pouting! Poor baby! AHAHAHAHA!!!!

AnthyR: Anyway, this Shenza has a point. As much as I love my boo Goku, he definately doesn't know what to do with that sexy body of his. Ginyu really spiced it up on those epis he stole it.

Captain Ginyu: ::eyes shining:: Did I?

AnthyR: ::nodding:: For sure!!! I just loved the way your eyebrows went down, it made Goku look like Turles. ::sighs dreamily:: .....a very handsome Turles...whom I would like to take out to a movie-

Cell: Are you FINISHED?! And how is it that you're able to talk about other males while I can't even mention the name #18 without you exploding?! ::glares::

AnthyR: ..............I'm the producer! I don't have to answer this!!!!! ::crosses arms::

Cell: (sighs in exasperation and goes back to the letter) And by the way. Let me tell you something, SHENZA. Vegeta is WEAK. His mind is easily manipulated, therefore being WEAK. His body is easily beaten in battle therefore being WEAKER. Infact, the only 'strong' thing about him is that ridiculous hair of his and it's ability to withstand GRAVITY. Infact, if it weren't for Vegeta I would never have been defeated, for it was his cells that made me loose in the FIRST place-

Meanwhile....above the ceiling where no one could see, a very angry spikey haired figure slices at a rope, grumbling furiously..

Spikey haired figure: Feh! Call me weak, eh?? I'll show them....

A large sandbag suddenly falls from the ceiling and lands on Ginyu, knocking him out cold.

AnthyR: OMG!!!!!!! They killed GINYU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cell: ...::dryly:: Why do I get the feeling that that was aimed for me?

AnthyR: ::nervously:: Ok, I think the shows over....lets just get Ginyu and get the H.F.I.L outta here!

Cell: I will NOT be run out of my own studio by-

A large ki blast appears out of nowhere, heading straight for AnthyR..

AnthyR: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....::blinks:: Wait a minute...I'm not dead..I'm alive. I'M ALLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cell: ::horrified:: How COULD he?! Are you alright??

AnthyR: Yea, I'm-

Cell: ::glaring:: Not YOU, you fool!!! He was aiming for the printouts! (shoves Anthy out the way) My letters! My beautiful LETTERS! (kneels down at the pile of ashes left by the blast)

AnthyR: .......::sniffles:: Well it's nice to be cared about! ::pouts:: Wait a minute..what do you mean he?

Cell: ::ignoring her:: Alright, Vegeta! Your sick little GAMES have gone on far enough! ::powers up:: You've crossed the line and it's time to DIE!

AnthyR: Um..ok...did I miss something important, here?

Suddenly the mysterious spikey haired figure steps into the light, revealing.........Vegeta?!

AnthyR: HEY! You were supposed to be our cameraman! ::glares:: And you're LATE!

Cell: ::ignoring Anthy:: Look at my LETTERS!!!!!!!!!

AnthyR: .....well actually the camera isn't really's borrowed. And most of those letters were probably just insults anyway-

Cell: QUIET! That's BESIDE the point!!! ::turns to Vegeta:: Now, why would the great 'Prince of all Saiyans' go and SABOTOAGE someone else's property? Really Vegeta, I thought you were above all this.

Vegeta: ::sneers:: Yes, you WOULD wouldn't you? With your talk show and your DARE you suggest me- ME - the Prince of all Saiyans - be a lowly cameraman of all things?! And for YOU.

AnthyR: ...wait a THAT what this is about? Just cuz you didn't want to be a CAMERAMAN, you destroy our set?!!

Cell: Hmph. How.......typical of a Saiyan.

Vegeta: ::glares:: NO you idiots! ::turns away:: All my life, I've strived to be the best. And then I was defeated..and by WHOM? That low class baka of a Saiya-jin Kakkorot, that's who!! After that, it all went down hill. Zarbon defeated me, and then that stupid Frieza! And then that android female 18!!

AnthyR: ::glares at the mention of #18::

Cell: ::sighs:: Get to the point.

Vegeta: Then YOU came along....with your power and your talk of perfection...

Cell: ::smirks::

AnthyR: ::sighs dreamily:: Yes...he IS perfect, isn't he?

Vegeta: NO you NIMROD!! I am the perfect warrier! Not HIM! I'm the one with royalty in his blood..I'm the one who trains for 23 out of 24 hours a day, EVERYDAY, in hundreds times Earth's gravity!!!!!!!! But even HE defeated me. So that's when I did it. I decided to destroy the only success in life that he had...the only source of happiness within his measly failure of an existance....his TALK SHOW!!!

AnthyR: Well, I wouldn't exactly call this a success..I mean he's usually insulted more than he is praised...

Cell: ::ignoring Anthy:: WHAT? Let me understand something; because I defeated you, you retaliated by SABOTAGING MY SET?? Destroying my letters?!

Vegeta: ::smirks:: Yes. Surprised, Cell?

Cell: .....More like disappointed. Really, Vegeta. I expected SO much MORE from you.

AnthyR: ::stupidly:: Vegeta...but WHY? I mean, we invited you to be our substitute cameraman!

Vegeta: Cameraman?! BAH! I should be the HOST! I should have my own show!!!! But instead I get called on as a LOWLY CAMERAMAN?! Even that baka Kakkorot got a higher position than me!!!!!

AnthyR: ...he was invited for a party....

Vegeta: Well why wasn't I?!

AnthyR: ..well sweety, cuz you don't like people.

Vegeta: That's not FAIR!

AnthyR: ..well don't look at me. It's not MY fault you hate people.

Cell: ::laughing:: Oh this is rich! The great Prince Vegeta jealous of ME! Ofcouse, if I were you, I'd be jealous of me too. It can't GET any better.

Captain Ginyu: Chaange NOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cell: ..nevermind. It just got worse.

AnthyR: Ginyu?!

A bright yellow light fills the studio as the three figures look on in shocked horror. When the light clears, a muddled looking Ginyu stands before them, looking thouroughly confused.

AnthyR: GINYU!!!! What do you think you're DOING?! (smacks Ginyu upside his head)

Cell: I'd better still be me!!! ::glares::

Vegeta: ..

Captain Ginyu: Stupid woman!!!!! How DARE you strike the Prince of all- (suddenly looks at his hands) What the.........???!

Cell: ::frowns and looks at Vegeta::

Vegeta: HAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AnthyR: Ginyu?

Vegeta: (in Ginyu's voice) That's riiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!!!!!!!!

Cell: ::smirks::

Captain Ginyu: ::screaming furiously:: You'd better give me back my body RIGHT NOW you FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That blue haired baka will make me sleep on the couch FOREVER looking like THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cell: (looking at Vegeta) ..well I suppose it is an improvement from before, atleast.

AnthyR: I'll say!!!! (gapes at Vegeta)

Cell: ...I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

Captain Ginyu: GIVE ME BACK MY BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cell: I think now would be a good time to end this....

Vegeta: AHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be continued....?????