Be Prepaaaaaaaaaaared.



Name: Scar

Species: Lion

Anime/Cartoon: Disney's The lion King

Okay. I know what most of you are thinking. 'How in the H.F.I.L can a LION- who isn't even an anime character- be ANYTHING like Cell?! Well, contrary to what most of you are thinking, this guy's more Cell-ish than you'd originally think. Besides the fact that he had that snazzy, aristocratic, accent like Cell, (that us girls go wild over) the fact that, like Cell, he was dubbed the 'Big-evil-nasty-bad guy' that everyone hated, besides the fact that he ended up DYING (like Cell), besides the fact-

You get the picture. I could go on FOREVER. But the main reasons of why I think Scar and Cell were closely mirrored characters were:

1.) For starters, he succeeded in doing what most villains (Disney or otherwise) only dream and scheme of. He KILLED, yes KILLED the hero, which in this case would be Mufasa the King. Now, for Disney this was UNHEARD of. I mean, if you look at all their movies, you will never ever, EVER see a villain come this close to succeeding. Now, don't get me wrong, most disney villains strive to find some way to kill the hero/heroine, but Scar...not only did he succeed, but he came right out and SAID he wanted him dead; quite different from most villains who usually only hinted at it. (Thanx to Disney's family oriented television). Another similarity?

2.) He was defeated by the dead hero's son. That's right. Just like Cell was defeated by Goku's son Gohan, Scar was inevitably defeated by Mufasa's son Simba. (who was also very similar to Gohan, I might add).

3.) He was oh-so-suave and sophisticated. (God I love those dignified villains..). Like Cell, he didn't let things get under his skin, too much. He never gave up. He kept trying to overthrow his brother until he succeeded. And really, you gotta admire him for that. The only downfall to Scar was the fact that he had henchmen. (the hyena's). Rule #1: If you're gonna be a villain, do your own dirty work. That way you can make sure EVERYTHING is neatly tied up without any mistakes.

Ways in which he was different from Cell:

Yes...he was similar to Cell, but he was also very VERY different.

1.) He lacked that playful quality Cell seemed to pocess. This kitty didn't play around. I'm quite certain that he wouldn't have wasted time constructing a 'Cell games' nor would he have given his enemies time to prepare.

2.) He was sneaky and underhanded. Now, even Cell had a sense of honor. I mean, Cell was many things, but a liar he WASN'T. Scar obviously wasn't strong in the sense of brute force, but he was, indefinately a genius. EVIL, but a genius none-the-less.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp. There you have it. Some examples of how Scar, one of my fav Disney Villains, (If not THE fav.) is similar to our man Cell.