Wakamoto Norio ({Kv)

The man behind Cell....well, the Japanese Cell....

Date of Birth: October 18, 1945

Place of Birth: Osaka, Japan. (although some say Yamaguchi) (@.@)

Blood Type: B (though some say A)

Additional Info: Well, it appears that there seems to be contradicting info on our Cell Seiyuu on different sites. Don't worry though, I'll straighten it out and get the correct information. Mr. Wakamoto, the japanese voice (or Seiyuu) of Cell, has done work in Anime, Video games, and even Radio dramas. Not surprisingly, as far as I could tell, the majority of the voices he does in anime/games are villains or narrarators. (He just has such a great voice talent for evilness...^^)

Some well known Anime/Video games he's voiced include:

Cowboy Bebop ----- Vicious

Dragonball Z ------ Cell

Tenchi Muyou ------ Kagato

Yuuyuu Hakusho ------ Gouki, Chuu

RG VEDA ------- Taishakuten

Trigun -------- Gofsef

Wedding Peach ------- Tamano Masahiro

Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriers) ---- Kaosu

Slayers {Great} --- Lord Granion

Slayers {movie} ---- Lagos

Tekkaman Blade ----- Aiba Kengo(Tekkaman Omega)

Burn-Up ------- McCoy

Appleseed ------- A.J. Sebastian

Gokuu Midnight Eye ------ Hakuryuu Genji

Violence Jack ------- Halem Bomber

Weiss kreuz ------ Takatori

Ofcourse, he's also voiced for various other anime as well. My personal favorites of his roles include: Vicious (Cowboy Bebop), Taishakuten (RG VEDA) and Kagato (Tenchi Muyou). Ofcourse, I don't have to tell you that I like his portrayal of Cell as well. ^^ (Atleast, I HOPE I wouldn't have to..being that this is a Cell shrine and all....) Currently there is only one picture available, but don't worry..I intend on finding more.

This information came from Seiyuu (voice Actor) Database, and Anime-Seiyuu Info Page, both great sources for japanese seiyuu. However, the two sites have contradicting information, so watch out. (I'm not sure just yet which is correct. ^^