***Part Two***

Cell might not like this part. It's in first person. This has a little PG stuff in it.

I had grown up like Goku. A fighter with no brains. ( I DO, however, use common sense ) I always remebered what my father said, things like, "When you fight, fight to win. Not for honor, or glory, but to win. Your goal is to beat Gohan."

Everyone made it to the tournament, and I noticed a dark haired boy, wearing an orange bandana. And fate played me into having to fight him. I'd had no idea that this was "a meal." I was falling for him faster than Vegeta in 2500 times Earth's gravity. Number Seventeen..I thought about a song I'd once heard when I was four or five, "Johnny Angel," it went something like, "Johnny Angel how i love him, and i hope that someday he'll love me.."

I was getting distracted. My fight was first, so I had to think fast. 17 quickly took the battle into the air out of sight of the ring.

"You're Cell's daughter, aren't you?" "Yes." "I'd be (CENSORED!) if you weren't the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Even with the tail. How'd you like to go out with me after the tournament?" I said, "Wait,wait. What about Dad's reaction?" "He doesn't have to know..Char.." We started fighting then, and I won.

Several matches and seven "HOLY (CENSORED!)'s from the crowd later, the final round took place. Me vs. Trunks. He knew my moves, I often trained with him as well as Vegeta and my dad. And he had a crush on me, too.

I beat him easily.

My double-life started when I met 17 for "the date" after the tournament. He seemed so in love with me!

In the next couple of months, 17 and I got to know each other better. One night, we were at his cabin in the woods, and..one minute he was kissing me..the next.. (DADDY WONT LIKE THIS, NO NOT AT ALL!!)

Three months later....

I was talking to Chi-Chi, I was in deep need of advice. Pregnant...

Stay tuned for the next part, i gotta go, its 11:40 pm right now and i was supposed to be asleep at 11:00!!

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