Part 8

This is getting ridiculous......17 doesn't know what's good for him.....hehehehehe. Some swearing...


17 was cackling insanely. There was nowhere for Char to run. Then, there were two voices behind 17's back, "Leave mommy alone." 17 turned his head and looked at the two of them. He said, "You ought to listen to me, children, after all I am--YOUR FATHER!" Cell Jr. looked at Char and said, "Mommy, is this true?"

Charlotte said, "Yes, son. It is. You see, before I was with Trunks, 17 had charmed me into--well, you know. I don't know what made me do it, but I did. Then your jerkasaurus father left me--just because you two were on the way."

Trunks Jr. said, "Cool. And I wondered why I didn't look like Trunks.." 17 said, "Lotty--" Charlotte's face went red, and she shouted, "NO ONE CALLS ME THAT BUT TRUNKS AND MY DAD SO YOU BETTER SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!" Then she continued in a soft tone, "Trunks Jr, Cell Jr, please go get my father...he can teach Mr. I-know-everything-about-nothing a lesson!" The two of them popped out of site.

17 said, "You've sent our children on a meaningless mission. Somehow, I've managed to shut down all of their Instant Transmission what are you going to do?"

Then it came. The cramps. Charlotte felt like she was about to die. She said, "17...what" He said, "Nothing. You're back in your first form, and it's been ages since you've had a meal. Oh, and don't try resisting, now that you're no longer in that souped-up form, I overpower you by at least 10 times...if not more." He put his hand on Char's cheek. He said, "You know..the last time I did that..." She replied, "I know...oh no...right...before the..." Her eyes went completely blank, and 17 said, "Prime time, babe." But before he could do anything, he heard another voice.

"Leave her alone, you jackass." 17 turned his head to see a boy, around Char's age, who was exactly the same height as Char, and also had the tail. He had walnut-colored hair, and eyes of a deep lavender. 17 said, "What the hell are you doing here? Charlotte, do you know this guy?" The boy said, "Of course she does. Why wouldn't she know her twin brother?"

17's jaw dropped to the floor. He said, "Lord, what has this world come to..Anyway, boy, get out, I have a little thing called revenge to get to.." The boy said, "Boy? I have a name, you know!" "And what's that?" "Lex." 17 snickered and retorted, "Obviously you weren't brought up on the Harvard side of town, now were you? If you had been, you would have known that I am more powerful than you!" Lex said, "Dude. Never, I say, never, diss a member of the Cell bloodline." He powered up and starting fighting with 17. But by that time, Cell, Cell Jr, and Trunks Jr had flown back, and with their assistance, 17 was dead. Permanently.

Cell said, "How could you be her twin, Lex? If there had been two of you, I should have known!" Lex said, "Well, dad, I think it happened like this, one of the nurses took a shine to me or somethin' like that, don't ask me why they had to go pull a trick like that.." Lex talked as if he had been raised in Arkansas.

Trunks happened to come home at that second, and he said, "What the--who are you?!" Charlotte said, " your brother-in-law!" Trunks face went blue. He said, "Really? No-no kidding?" Lex said, "No kidding. We were just poumding on 17, and I don't think Char's doing so well."

Saying that Char wasn't doing well was a big understatement. Her face had gone deathly pale, and she was unconcious. Cell said, "That's why I tried to get her to keep 17 down. Without that blubbering idiot, she dies, either that, or she has to absorb something..."

Cell turned his head....muttering something that sounded like, "My little girl."

Of course, Char recovered, thanks to everyone handing her a bit of energy. But she still thought that she should do something about that little hitch about dying if not absorbing something. So the very next day she asked Cell: "Dad, can you teach me how to self-destruct?" He said, "Self-destruct? Whatever for?" "So I can be in that so-called 'perfect' state that I was before and so I won't die. C'mon...please!" He said, "Oh alright, very well, but you had better not be dead, or you are grounded for all eternity--that is if you make it to heaven."


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