Part One


Chapter One: Love In A Strange Place

Rini was just doing the best she could to have fun while outside..looking around at the woods. She only had an acre or two to herself, for training. But she never expected to find a sparring partner and a companion.

She was doing the usual, kicking and punching and "good old fashioned" training, when someone with a deep, weakened voice said, "Who are you?" She turned around to look, and gasped. Tall, green, white, and pink-eyed..he looked familiar.

She dusted her spandex-and-armor suit off, and said, "I own this part of the woods, where did you come from?"

He didn't reply. Rini somehow understood and said, "Would you want to train right now? No one else will, and I need practice if I'm going to host a tournament." He said, "What are you, a saiyan? You act like one." "Yeah.."

Rini suddenly remembered. A month ago, the "terror" known as Cell had disappeared. He was here! This haunted Rini's thoughts, as her own father (Darien, pure blooded saiyan) had tried to go fight Cell, but couldn't because of the flu.

He seemed..different. No longer was the desire to kill hidden inside this tall figure. He seemed shy, and just a poor, tortured, soul.


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