One Little Girl

Chapter one

Cell laughed as he left the studio, thinking about all their scared faces as he defeted the people who showed up one by one then destroying the earth. This was working perfectly. He landed on one foot then put down the other and waited for nine more days to pass...


"Help me!" cried out a girl, "some please help!" She was being chased by five gang members who wanted to rape her then kill her just for fun.

"Hey we wont bite!"called one.

"We'll lick alot though!" called another as they all started laughing.

She started to pick up rocks and thow them back as she ran for her life. Then a rock hit the leader and broke his shades into peices.

"Hey you'll pay for that, you bitch!" he yelled, "Hurry and catch her!"

The others followed his order as they almost caught up with her. She threw another rock as it smashed into one of their faces. He screamed in pain and stopped. She looked ahead hoping she could run faster, but she was losing energy every second. Just as she thought all hopes were lost, four pillars came into veiw. They ended up to be part of a fighting arena, and someone was standing in the middle of it.

But why this late? she thought, It makes no diffrence, just hurry!

She reached the edge of the ring and scurried up the edge.


Cell looked over his shoulder and saw a girl about 13 years old run to him and hide behind his wing.

What is she doing? he thought, Doesn't she know who I am?

She looked from under his wing at some strange people crawling up the sides. Cell turned around in front of her and looked at the people angrily.

"What are you doing in my ring?" he demanded. Before they could take another step they froze and looked at Cell, horrified at what they saw.

"C-C-CELLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!" They screamed and ran away.

"Is that your name?" He turned to look at the girl and was surprised at how small she was. She had the same pink eyes as he did, shiny black hair and peach skin. She looked like a normal human girl except for her eyes. Her eyes, he thought, her eyes are just like mine. But how?

"Hello?" the girl said, "Is your name Cell?"

"Yes." he said, "Why are you here anyway? And why aren't you scared like the others? Didn't you see what happened on the news?"

"I don't have a tv. I don't see why their afraid of you." she answered, "I was being chased by these guys but you made them go away. Thank you for saving me!" she smiled and hugged him around the waist. As soon as she knew what she was doing, she blushed and let go.

"I'm sorry, you sound so much like my father did," Her eyes welled up in tears remembering what happened to her parents.

Her father? he wondered, Did? What happened to her father?

"Your not mad at me?" she asked.

"What do you mean 'did'?"

"My parents were killed by those guys you chased off because they wanted to protect me. But they had guns then. I don't know why they didn't have guns when they chased me but they killed my mother and my father..." A tear rolled off her cheek as she started sobing, "they didn't do...anything to..them... It's not fair they didn't deserve to die!!" Cell whatched her drop to the floor and start crying. Humans, he said in his mind, their so emotional. It's hard for me to understand their ways. He suddenly heard slow breathing instead of sobs. She must've fallen asleep. He looked up to the sky, picking out some constallations. He was very bored out here by himself.


He remembered the girl. How could he forget? She was laying on one of his feet. She's pretty warm. Does she have a fever? It didn't really make him worry. She was just a human after all. Or was she? He remembered those bright pink eyes. Normal people dont have pink eyes.

He sat down and moved the girl so that she was resting on his thigh.

Why didn't he just kill her? That wouldn't be fair, she didn't even know who he was. Father? She thought I was her father for a second. How? I'm not human. Her pink eyes flashed in his mind again. Pink eyes? They were shiny like his too. What if they were his eyes? Yeah, right. He fell asleep and thought about those pink eyes she had...

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