The Brother of Frieza...


"..I never did like him..."

Ah Cooler, Kooler, Coola. One of my newest favorite villains. He was strong. He was powerful, acheiving a higher form than frieza. He had a 'normal' voice. After watching the movie Cooler's Revenge, I was immediately smitten by Frieza's elder brother, which was odd since I normally don't like villains who gripe and whine. And whine Cooler did! (no pun intended. [wine cooler]) He was a classic example of sibling rivalry gone bad. Cooler was jealous of his brother, thought that their father preferred Frieza and "spoiled him rotten". He even admited that he hated his brother and had never liked him.

"My brother was a pest!! I would have killed him myself sooner or later..."

Basically, Cooler wasn't angry at the fact that Frieza had been killed; he was angry at the fact that HE didn't get to kill him himself. And so, according to unprecidented psycologist Goku, Cooler was "taking his unhappiness out on them". And I'm sure it didn't help either that everyone kept mistaking him for and comparing him to his dead brother. From Piccolo and Goku he got things like, "You're supposed to be DEAD!!!!!!!!!, and "You're as twisted inside as your BROTHER!!!. But Cooler was smarter than that. Unlike Frieza, he completed every job throughly. He stated to his men that he wanted to see Goku die with his own eyes, very different from most villains who usually underestimated the saiyan. And this is just my opinion, and even though it wasn't stated in words, it was implied, and I got the feeling from the movie that Frieza copied his Ginyu Force after Cooler's three membered Armored Squadron. (they even struck a pose while introducing themselves to Goku) The similarities between Frieza's men and Cooler's were strikingly similar. For example, Doore, a member of the Armored Squadron reminded me very much of Ginyu Force member Recoome. And Salza, a Zarbon-ish pretty boy was the spitting image of the late Zarbon. He even had an accent, although his was creole-esque instead of Austrailian.

Cooler had it all. Height, strength, good looks, and a witty sense of humor. But alas, like every other villain, he also had his share of flaws:

1.) He 'thought' too much. I never thought I'd witness something like this, but Cooler thought and rambled on so much that it cost him his life. Instead of paying attention to the battle, Cooler's mind would usually drift to one of 3 things: How much he hated his brother, How much he loved to make people suffer, and how he was the most powerful. If he had been paying attention to Goku in that last moment, he wouldn't have been taken by surprise by his attack backfiring.

2.) He was childish. I hate to say it, but Cooler tended to be a at times. He'd say things like, "ahaHA! That's what you get for destorying my family!!!!!!!!!!" which wouldn't be so bad if the 'that's what you get' part wasn't included. He also grumbled and pouted alot. When he wasn't thinking, he was usually pouting...or both.

"It's that star from this solar system. Maybe I'll just blow THAT up instead and let them all FREEZE to death in darkness.", or

"Frieza deserved to die if he got beat by a weakling like you!
I think that if Cooler had stopped and listened to himself speak for a moment he would have realized how much of a child he sounded like. I don't like Frieza, but even I have to admit that he was much more mature than his brother in that sense.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more villains!