Imperfect Cell: Form 2

IMPERFECT CELL, FORM 2: This is when I first began to like Cell. (Infact, it's possible that I may even like this form more than PERFECT CELL) Not that obsessive love, but he was just so very amusing to watch. He got frustrated so EASILY, but I suppose it's understandable, being that he was only one form away from Perfection. In this form, Cell was alot more emotional than the last. How he looked at his reflection when he'd first absorbed #17, and said so proudly, 'Ah, new look...much more comely than the last' he was so happy! His pathetic moments are as followed:

- When Tien kept blasting that dang Tri-beam. Cell got frustrated, and yelled out, 'STOP THAT!' as if Tien would have actually stopped.

- When Cell was frustrated at not being able to locate #18, and screamed for her to come out. '...If you do not, I will destroy these islands one by one!!!!!!!!.........' Again, as if she would actually come out. Did he honestly think that she cared about those people? Apparently Cell did. As you can see, his second form wasn't his brightest.

- When Cell was fighting Vegeta. Now, I must give him credit. He kept his cool for a whole half episode! His only drawback was underestimateing Vegeta. And by the time he realized that Vegeta was MUCH stronger than he was, and that he had NO chance of defeating him, what did he do? He had a TANTRUM. "NOOOOOOOO! This...Isn't....HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!" *translation: It's not fair that I'm being beaten! I should be stronger! Me, ME!!!!!* And he kept SCREAMING and SCREAMING. I found this hilariously funny at first. But then I began to feel sorry for him, even hoped he'd win. If Vegeta wanted to beat him, why was he playing with him so? Don't drag it out! Just get on with it! But then I realized....Goku was still in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber...or, the Room of Spirit and Time, if you may. And of course...we ALL know that it wouldn't be over till our man Goku got a chance to fight...and so I stopped my fretting...Cell would survive. Battered and bruised, but he'd survive.

- It only gets worse. Vegeta kept playing with him. Kicking him around...making poor Cell scream even more with the unfairness of it all. (No, he did not say the word, UNFAIR) Cell was so frustrated, he even started TALKING to himself. 'NO! This can't be! If I were only Perfect' and blah blah blah... Vegeta even commented on it. "I couldn't help but overhear your senseless babble..." And so, Cell did the ONLY smart thing he'd ever done in his Imperfect form. He exploited Vegeta, and talked him into letting him absorb #18. And so, if Imperfect Cell (2) hadn't been so inclined for begging, Perfect Cell would have never been born. Speaking of which...

Onward to Perfection!