Part 7

The much anticipated (not really) part 7!


Eight years had passed. Trunks Jr. had turned out like 17. He looked exactly like him. He always seemed too slick, too confident. Cell Jr., on the other hand, was the sensitive, shy one. He always seemed withdrawn. On the other hand, he liked being a mirror image of Cell.

Trunks and Char had gotten married only half a year before and now Char was 3 months pregnant. She didnt feel nauseous or sick, or anything.

Her main worry was not being able to fight. The doctor had told her to take it easy, but she didn't want to take it easy. She had a feeling, though. It was telling her she couldnt keep 17 down.

Every day the cramps got worse..until one day when 17 came up again.

17 turned his bright blue eyes on Char's angry pink ones. She had recently built a house out in the 439 area, and Trunks had gone to work for the day.

17 said, "You thought you had escaped from me? Oh never will. If I can't have you, no one can."

He grabbed Char by the throat and started to punch her, but didn't. He said, "No. I won't. I'll just.." He kissed her, French style. She shoved him back and shouted at him,"17, I have no time for a fling!" He said, "I'll just have to.." And with that he proceeded to kiss her again.

Charlotte fought him off but resisting took everything she had, as he was stronger. She tried running, but he kept appearing in front of her.


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