Cell the Wizard

Chapter One: First Off..

Cell had unwittingly conned an Earth dweller into wishing him back. He had not, however, expected to be reincarnated as an 11 year old wizard boy who had been the son..of Vol--sorry-- you-know-who. He hadn't known this, before he had been transferred into this body, the boy had suffered an enormous blow to the head, supposedly killing him, but thanks to Cell, that had not happened.

When he first 'came back,' he slowly sat up in the hospital bed he was in, holding his head. A woman standing next to him showed wide-eyed surprise when she saw him open his eyes. She said, "Oh, Nathan, you're alive!" Cell, in the boy's body, feeling dizzy said, "Nathan? That's not my name.." The woman said, "Oh you poor boy, you don't remember a thing!" And with that she gave him a gigantic hug in which nearly broke his spine. She left a half-hour later, giving Cell time to think. Then he heard a voice say, "Others see you as the boy. You, however, see yourself as you used to be." He said, "Great, just great. I'm in the body of a child, I can't fly, and I can't fight. What could be worse?"

But, however, things could be worse. Everyone, he guessed, knew him from somewhere but everytime he asked anyone, they just ignored him and went about their business. Finally, he asked the woman he presumed was his 'mother.' She said, "Well, if you really want to know..You see, Nathan, (Cell frowned and thought, "My name's not Nathan) there's this wizard called..Vol..Voldemort. And see, about thirty-six years ago, he went bad, worse as you can go. As time progressed, he had this young boy called Harry Potter (Cell felt his skin flare up, for some reason) who kept escaping from him, time and time again. So, about eleven years ago, he--he came into the town where I lived, saying something about having a true legacy, and--"

Cell suddenly realized what she meant. Then he asked, "But why you? And who is this Harry Potter?" The woman said, "I don't know. And Harry happens to be the Transfiguration teacher now. You see, Harry was born in 1980, (cuz Harry's second year is 1992) and when he was but a tiny lad of one, Vol--er, you-know-who killed his family. His mother kept begging you-know-who to take her and leave her child, Harry, alone, but he killed her anyway. The strange thing was, when you-know-who tried to kill Harry, he couldn't. Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts, told Harry that it had been protection, a type of mark, that had protected Harry. But, you see, in Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts, you-know-who had taken blood from Harry, and then he too had that same protection."

Cell said, "Ok. Now I understand who this Harry Potter person is. Famous for surviving someone who killed 'near everyone in his path. Wait, you mentioned Hogwarts..Am I going there?" The woman said, "Of course, silly, you go next month." Cell's eyes widened and he said, "Say WHAT?" The woman said, "Of course, your father was a half wizard, and I am a full blooded wizard."

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