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Pint-Sized Perfection

A Shrine of the Juniors

Ah...young perfection..

Welcome to a shrine to, quite possibly, the most unappreciated characters in the entire Dragonball Z series, the Cell Juniors. These little guys don't get any recognition at all, and are constantly being overlooked. True, they were only in about 2 episodes, and compared to some of the other minor characters, their presence in the DB universe held no real significant meaning. Other minor's such as Hercule/Mr. Satan, Koran, and even the short lived Nail made atleast some small contribution to the storyline. Mr. Satan's own daughter marries the main character's son. Koran grows the famous Sensu Beans. Nail fused with Piccolo, enabling him to hold his own against Frieza for a short period. But the Juniors? What exactly did they do besides giggle insaneously, piss little Gohan off, and kick the crap out of the other Z senshi? Most people don't see past this. (Note: the juniors actually contributed to Gohan's famous 'SSJ2' transformation) But I think that the juniors held a deeper more significant meaning to them. And besides, in doing a proper evaluation of Cell, you can't possibly leave out his 'children', right? ^^ So come on in, and for the first time, experience the 'Pint-Sized' Perfection of the Cell juniors.


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