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"Ultimate Perfection. I have spent decades waiting for it--and I thought after absorbing the androids my game had been won! But now...only now do I understand what Dr. Gero meant by those words: 'Ultimate Perfection'."
~Perfect Cell ~New! (sent in by KASH.)


"Fools! Don't you realize yet you're up against the Perfect weapon?!" -Pefect Cell

"Ah, new look...much more comely than the last" -Imperfect Cell, 2nd form

"...18 my little peach...I'm going to gobble you up!" -Imperfect Cell

"Look! He's been driven insane by his own fear!" -Perfect Cell

"You have NO chance!" -Pefect Cell

"I am whole" -Perfect Cell

"What does that No-count think he's doing?" -Imperfect Cell, 2nd form

"Finally. I have acheived what no other could EVER acheive..I am Perfect" -Perfect Cell

"First one who kills gets a prize!" -Perfect Cell

"You wretched dare you...HOW DARE YOU?!" -Perfect Cell

"His ignorance is painful..." -Perfect Cell

"17...I never planned on humiliating you like this...just a simple merger, that is all. Your resistance is the cause of your pain" -Imperfect Cell

"Those wounds look painful...I'm sure this makes them BURN!" -Perfect Cell

"...I will never understand the ways of these saiyans..." -Perfect Cell

"How Boring!" -Perfect Cell

"Be quite you fool! You only have half a brain left!" -Imperfect Cell, 2nd form

"Children can be such a bother..." -Imperfect Cell, 2nd form

"Aw...your words hurt me..." -Imperfect Cell

"Whats wrong? You frightened? Don't be's hard, I feel my power and it's hard to BEAR! -Imperfect Cell

"They're part of greatness now! I've given them all a purpose!" -Imperfect Cell

"Yes, that's right children, have your fun" -Perfect Cell

"It's your lucky day little man, your worthless life will be spared" -Imperfect Cell

"The completion of my being will mark the dawning of a new age!" -Imperfect Cell

"I have sniffed the bouquet and now it is time to drink!" -Imperfect Cell

"Stop laughing!" -Perfect Cell (thanx to Ricky Richard)~

"I've said it once, I'll say it again, You saiyins just don't know when to give up." -Perect cell (thanx to Ann Wiard)~

~New! (thanx to Hal Jorden for the following:)

"I must admit, you have exceeded me Trunks, at least in the area of brute strength. And have absolutely no chance of defeating me!" -Perfect Cell

"They just keep lining up to die!" -Perfect Cell

"If you wanted to die, all you had to do was ASK!" -Perfect Cell

"Am I too fast for you Goku?" -Perfect Cell

"Ding." -Perfect Cell (imitating a ring bell, signaling the start of his match with Goku)

"I cannot die! It is impossible!" -Perfect Cell

"Stop that!" -Imperfect Cell, 2nd form

"Hear me saiyan! This time, you die." Imperfect Cell, 2nd form

"It's over when I say it's over! And it's over now!" Perfect Cell

"NOW...YOU...DIE!!!!" -Perfect Cell

"Well then. You know what? That makes you...EXPENDABLE!" -Perfect Cell (in H.F.I.L.)

"Don't you worry, he'll soon be dealt with. I'm the one who killed him remember? -Perfect Cell (in H.F.I.L.)

~New! (thanx to Trunkslover for the following:)

"And, to my great delight, I had returned with my full power IN TACT!" -Perfect Cell

"I must give Dr. Gero credit for his brilliant design." -Perfect Cell

"WHY do my punches always MISS YOU?!" -Perfect Cell

"This stinks." -Perfect Cell

~New! (thanx to Crystal for the following:)

"Perhaps those miserable humans would appreciate a light show" -Perfect cell

"Now that we have the vermin out of the way, you're next Piccolo." -Imperfect Cell

"Good fight kid but like all good things it must come to an end" -Perfect Cell

"Now that we have that vermin out of the way, you're next Piccolo." -Imperfect Cell 1st form

"You lose little man!" -Perfect cell

"Let me show you my real power." -Imperfect cell 1st form

"You shouldn't have interfered, Piccolo." -Imperfect 1st form

"I've got you now!" -Imperfect 1st form

"Welcome home, Android 17." -Imperfect 1st form

"I've got to show you, young warrior, what I'm truly capable of." -Perfect

"Do you have any more Tricks?" -Imperfect 1st

"No. How can this be?" -Imperfect, 2nd form

"Good fight kid but like all good things it must come to an end." -Perfect

"You could say, we're brothers." -Imperfect, 1st form

~New! (thanx to Shaun Horn for the following:)

"Good fight kid but like all good things it must come to an end" -Perfect Cell

"Are you impressed?" -Cell

"You could say we're brothers." -Imperfect Cell

"Perhaps these miserable humans would appreciate a light show" -Perfect Cell

"I have got to show you, young warrior, what I’m truly capable of." -Perfect Cell

(destroying a building) "They don’t make them like they use to." -Perfect Cell

(to #16) "You are nothing when compared to my power!" -Imperfect Cell, form 2

(to Piccolo) "You are of no value to me anymore. You are just, refuse. Goodbye." -Imperfect Cell

"Silly Piccolo. My secrets aren’t unlocked so easily!" -Imperfect Cell

"Goku, if you quit I’ll destroy the planet. None of the others are up to my fighting level, not even Vegeta or Trunks…humph; they’re just a bunch of insignificant bugs!" -Perfect Cell

"Your one man army amuses me..." -Cell

"For some reason it was especially satisfactory destroying Piccolo…indeed…" -Imperfect Cell

"I’m on the verge of being God, what do you think..?" -Imperfect Cell, form 2

"THAT is my purpose. I am the universes END!" -Perfect Cell ~New! (thanx to Jonathan Schmidt)

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