:Ultimate Perfection:

A Cell Shrine

"One day he will swallow you up; and then you will become a part of his Ultimate Perfection..."
-Dr. Gero

Welcome to Ultimate Perfection V3.0!

Ah, Cell. That perfect villain, born of all the Z fighters. Witty. Arrogant. Powerful. Graceful. This villain took the flaws of others and turned them into assets. This villain had a brain...and USED it! ::GASP!:: This villain was...perfect. Perhaps not in the sense he thought, but there is no questioning his ‘pedigree’. Compared to other villains of the series, he was the perfect specimen of the model bad guy. Unfortunately, this also turned out to be his greatest flaw.

Welcome to Ultimate Perfection, a shrine to one of the most hated, loved, deserving villains of DBZ, as well as one of the most controversial. Here you'll find detailed studies of Cell in all his forms. So come on in, and experience the ultimate perfection that is Cell! ^^


UPDATED 2-17-09!

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