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Reasons why Cell is Da Man

Why do I love Cell so much? Well, C'mon!!! The guy is so cool and charismatic...(traits he gets from Vegeta and Frieza, no doubt.) Plus, he was the first MAJOR villain, (on the series) to actually transform into a GOOD-LOOKING villain. (i.e. Zarbon). He had all the powers of the Z senshi and of their strongest enemy, Frieza. So in a way, they were fighting themselves, in that Cell had all their moves.

I first started liking Cell in his second form. (His first form scared me to death...seriously.) His second form was so funny! Most people don't care too much for this particular form..also known as the 'fish face'. But he instantly caught my attention here. Somehow something about him just seemed more human in this form. In his first form, truth be told, he just seemed plain unstoppable. But his second one, it was almost laughable in a way. Ofcourse, at that time I wasn't laughing. Rather, I was screaming for someone to get that idiotic #18 out of there. (Somebody puh-LEEZE tell me why she just stood there staring at him? >_<) I even remember the specific episode I starting Cell. It was the one where he was getting the crap kicked out of him by Vegeta. I mean, who WOULDN'T feel sorry for him?

When Cell finally transformed into Perfect Cell, my happiness upon his success was also tempered by a saddness at the loss of his 2nd form. Yes, you read right. I actually MISSED his second form. (Not for long, tho...^^) this point, suprisingly, I wasn't gone over Cell. My attention at the time was focused on that lovable Son Goku. (yes, seriously) two favorite boo's from DBZ - Son Goku and Cell. Another thing I liked about Cell? He didn't waste time. Dr. Gero had already programed everything into this guy's head, so he was SMART. He knew who Vegeta, Goku, Piccolo, and Tien were before they even knew he EXISTED. And unlike Frieza, he didn't go after the weak who didn't stand a chance at defeating him. (unless you count those people he absorbed before he became perfect...but let's NOT count them, since he NEEDED them to survive at this point.) I mean, c'mon! Vegeta killed way more people than Cell, (when he and Nappa arrived on Earth, those innocent people he killed in the Buu Saga, and countless other planets and universes he's done over.) Compared to Vegeta, Cell was almost a saint! And really, he wasn't honestly that bad. I mean, most people say he's cold hearted and cruel, but just look at the expression on his face when Gohan ruthlessly destroyed that first Cell Jr. of his. Cell looked HORRIFIED. He looked APPALLED. Now, if he really hadn't cared about his children, would he have looked that way??

But getting back to the point, lets take our friend Hercule/Mr. Satan, the generic coward. When he challenged Cell, Cell wouldn't even fight him; just knocked him away from the ring. He even let Hercule get in a few good punches; let the wanna-be have his little moment. Sure, most likely it was because he figured Hercule/Mr. Satan wasn't worth wasting his time and energy on, but still I like to think of it as the 'Fighter's code of Honor', which is like an unspoken code for fighters not to go after the weak/innocent. (No, this wasn't referred to in DBZ.. it's UNSPOKEN) Meaning ofcourse that Cell would only go after those who offered him a REAL challenge. And if you'll notice, after he absorbed 17, he didn't bother going after humans anymore. So basically, he only absorbed people because at this point, he NEEDED them to survive. He wasn't a killer. In his last two forms, he wouldn't even hurt humans...unless ofcourse he was defending himself against them..(i.e. When that idiotic poor excuse for an army viciously launched an attack on him) Plus, unlike the other villains, he gave the Z fighters a chance. He TOLD them what he was planning to do...even gave them time to train. He even went so far as to ADVERTISE his little event..(by far my favorite part!) He didn't try to keep it a big secret. He was looking forward to it, even. Another reason I like Cell, is that there's just so MUCH of him to like. I mean, just look. He had three forms, which really isn't anything new. Most of the DBZ villains had more than one form, infact. But each of Cell's forms had their own specific's almost as if they each had seperate minds. All three of his major forms had discret, if not major differences in them. Ofcourse, deep down inside they were all one and the same.

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