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Japanese Name: Seru

English Voice: Dameon Clarke

Japanese Voice: Norio Wakamoto

Age: Around 24+ (count the time he spent in that chamber as an embryo, plus the four years he was underground.)

Height: ATLEAST 7ft tall. Even in his first Imperfect form, he was a full head over Piccolo, who is the tallest Z senshi at 6ft something. In Cell's second Imperfect form, he looks to have gotten even taller.

Family: Dr. Gero (creator) Androids 16, 17, 18, and 19. And also, this is just my own personal opinion, but I think that the Z senshi can be considered as his family as well. Think about it. He was made from their cells/DNA, so basically they can be considered his parents in a way. ^^

Likes: Challenges, winning, being in control and...himself. (Big surprise^^)

Dislikes: Weakness, stupidity (A/E: Hercule a.k.a Mr. Satan) losing control.

Colors: White, green (light & dark), purple, yellow, black.

Abilities: Basically he can do anything as the regular Z senshi and Frieza could, since he pocesses their DNA/cells and information. Plus, it seems he can puff himself up into that self destructive balloon thing, a trait all his own. ^^

Discripion: Cell, in atleast his first and Perfect forms, seems to have bug-like characteristics and appearances. (His second form didn't have wings) His wings especially are a dead givaway. I think that he resembles a beetle slightly. (Look closely at him and you'll see what I mean) Why is this? Well, I don't know for sure, (this is just a guess on my part) but I think it has something to do with how Gero gathered the DNA of the fighters. All the fighters were OUTSIDE, usually in a deserty area, (where beetles would reside). Perhaps some of the bugs got mixed in with the fighter DNA? If you'll look at some of Gero's earlier creations on Dragonball, you'll notice that his other androids look relatively human compared to Cell, and we can deduct that Cell definately did not get his bug-like looks from Frieza's DNA as well. Cell also has a hard exoskeletal shell that seems to only appear on certain parts of his body. (Perhaps they serve as armor?) They are a light green, speckled with a darker green. His skin, what is visible atleast, is a chalky, white color. The top of his head is black, and surrounded by a large green husk which, I suppose, serves to protect his head or something. Whatever it is, it looks stylish (^^) and seems to be a part of his body, for when it gets broken, (i.e. the fight with SSJ2 Gohan), he is able to regenerate it.

Cell's head looks almost identical to Frieza's. If you don't believe me, take a look at Frieza's head, then Cell's. The faces are exactly alike, except for the noses, lips and a few other minor's. And his attitude. You can see almost EVERYONE in Cell's personality. The cockiness of Vegeta. The aristocracy of Frieza. The vainess of 17 and 18, which, as I've said before, he didn't have until he absorbed them. The only thing we can't see, is the honesty and goodness of our hero, Goku. What happened to it? Where did it go? It makes you wonder. Did this particular trait get clouded out with all the evilness already inside of him? Or was it ever really there at all? We must remember, too that Goku bumped his head as a child, causing him to forget all the Saiyan memories/habits breed into this what Goku would have been like, had he NOT had that little accident?

I do not own Cell. He is © to Funimation and Akira Toryama.