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4-13-09: I though I'd drop you guys a line to let you know how things are going. The updating process is taking a bit longer than orginally expected because I am currently trying to learn MS Expressions. I'm learning it the way I learned Photoshop and pretty much everything else I do; which is to say by trial and error. The whole cool thing I wanted to do with the site via HTML seems all but impossible at my current level of skill in that code. My husband kept harping on how much MORE I could do if I had either Expressions or Dreamweaver, and then he realized he'd already installed Expressions on my computer. Which completely just ROCKS. I'm currently playing around to see what I can do, and also working on some new Cell info. I'm also working on that Cell Doujinshi, which I'll probably host on a comic website in order to save space on this one. I'm excited about a review I'm currently writing for the new 'Dragonball Evolution' movie. I use the term 'Dragonball' very loosely, because quite frankly the movie was an insult to DBZ fans EVERYWHERE. I won't say any more on it until I have my review ready to post, so stay tuned.

2/17/09: Welcome to Ultimate Perfection V 3.0! Er...well, not quite. I wanted to do just one big unveiling, but time restraints prevent me from doing so. So far the only page that has been redone has been the main page, and I'm not too sure if I like it or not. It's definately an improvement over the last design, but at the same time wasn't exactly what I was looking for. (I wanted fancy drop down menus and such, but since those don't fall over too well with users of IE 6, I figured I'd keep it simple.) My skills in html are LACKING, and I haven't the time to learn anything fancy at the moment. This particular version is still in it's beta stages...(let me know if any of you encounter any problems) or just drop me a line to tell me your opinions on it.

In the coming weeks, most of the menu bar will be completely scrapped. Many of the sections can be combined into one, and most, if not all, are being completely redone. I'll also be adding new sections shortly. I'm playing with the idea of upgrading my account to get rid of all the banners, which are becoming a bit of an eyesore, (an annoyance) but I'm still on the fence about that one.

I wanted an easier way for you guys to be able to tell whether I'd updated, rather than simply clicking on the 'update' in the menu, so I'll now be posting the date on the main page. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. I'll also be putting up occasional polls. This one is mostly fodder; I wanted to see how it would work out for a while, but I'm still honestly curious about what you think.

1/29/09: Happy 2009! How has everyone been? As for me, I just recently got married about two months ago. Yup...AnthyR is now a Mrs! Fortunately my husband is kindly tolerant of his wifey's strange obsession with fictional villainous types. As for updates, I've been seriously considering revamping the site. The place is HUGE, and many of the sections have never even been added. I've been thinking of downgrading it into something smaller and easier to manage. And great news! This site has always boasted a 'doujinshi' section, but as many of you can see there has never been a single doujin on this site. LoL, I was 17 at the time I started this shrine, and now, 9 years later, I'm finally working on adding some. You can thank Bleedman's Power Puff Girl Doujinshi
for the inspiration. (go there and support his awesome work!) I'll have the Cell doujin up as soon as I draw up enough buffer pages. Stay tuned! As for the site revamp, I'll be working on it here and there, so it will be a little slow in coming.

7/29/07: Heya!! Long time no hear!! (Two years to be exact)(-_-).oO

Firstly I should appologize to all for the lack of updates...I'm really bad about that. Secondly, I wanna thank all those who continue to support the site...even in light of the lack of updates. I started this site when I was but 17 years old....(I'm 24 now) So Wo0t!!! I never dreamed it would come this far.

I actually have an update, albeit a small one. First off, the guest book. Ok, I'm seriously considering deleting it, due to all the spam bots. I happened to check it, and what do I find? All sorts of nasty Porn and viagra links and Ugh! ::shudders:: I deleted the ones that I caught, but even so they'll probably be back sooner or later. I have to appologize to you guys for not catching it till now, but I can promise that I'll be monitering it more closely from now on, until I figure out a more permanent solution.

Secondly, I actually updated my old fic, 'The Other Android'. Actually it's a complete revision, you probably wouldn't recognize it, now. It's even got a new name, And Then There Was Light. The original version was written when I was 18, and was admittedly VERY MARY SUE. Going back tho, back in 2006, I completely re-did it and posted it on (the first chapter anyway) It's darker than the light-hearted first one, and bears little resemblance to that version. So be warned.

That's all for now. I hope to fill you in on my current projects and websites and such in about a week. Also just a little reminder. If you guys wanna email me, please PLEASE label your emails as Ultimate Perfection or some other site related name, otherwise I might delete it or mistake it as spam. (been getting alot of that lately...) If you emailed me and haven't gotten a reply, more than likely, this is probably what happened.

2/13/05: Dag nabbit! It's seems as though I only get around to updating this place about once a year... This place is becoming very spider webbish, isn't it? LoL. I can see the tumble weeds in the horizen. It seems that life has a way of changing plans in the most unexpected of ways. Work, School, moving into my own place, paying off my new car....::sighs:: it seems like my life is dominated by work, to tell the truth. It's a gigantic RELIEF to be back at this place after so long.... This place was many things to me; a hobby, something to fill the emence amount of time I seemed to posess. A learning experience, I basically had to learn HTML all by myself when I started was a prosess of trial and error...mostly error. LoL. An escape from reality. That I think was the key reason for this site for me. And I can see that it REALLY needs an update! In just about EVERYTHING!!!! But especially in my views of Cell. Somehow though, between the obsessive rantings of my 17 year old self, I see the general point of what I was getting at... Though five years later, and I'm ready to do a complete re-verbalization of the sections. Like Cell, I feel as though I've gone through a few 'stages' myself...though I have yet to reach my 'perfection'. Philosphers are constantly irking the fact that there IS no perfection in life; that life is a constant strive for that which we can never achieve. As for me, I think that I'm still in that 'first stage' of life. In terms of Cell, I'm just setting out on a quest for my own androids, so to speak. But oh, to have the ambition of Cell, even in the face of adversity. See where I'm getting at? I see an entirely new side to his story that I was completely blind to at the age of 17. Not trying to sound as though I'm all 'worldly' now that I'm older; it's only been about five years. However, I see that I was very sheltered, and in that span of time I've learned alot about myself and others.

As for the updates....

Expect a complete revision of the fic, The Other Android. Reading over it, I'm not too happy with the way it was turning out to be. I'll probably rewrite the entire thing, infact. As for Ask Cell, I've got about a ton of half finished episodes...'The Yu-gi-Show!' (written during the height of Yugioh! mania, during which I was an avid fan) 'A Jerry Springer Valentine' which was supposedly a valentines special scheduled to be posted 2 YEARS AGO...(see how slack I am?!) well as a whole lotta other unfinished projects I never got around to completeing. As soon as I get settled in my nice newly aquired apartment, (and as soon as I buy my own computer, since the other one remains at home with the parents) I'll be doing a heck of alot of stuff ups. That probably won't be until after finals though....which end in late april, I think. Anywho, I've been gone from this place for too long. It's high time I show Cell the 'ultimate perfection' he deserves, so to


5/25/04:'s been nearly a YEAR since I updated this place, hasn't it? ::looks sheepishly around:: Yea, I've been seriously neglecting this place, and I'm sorry. As of right now I don't have internet access; but I HAVE been working on some things. I just wanted to set the record straight and say, YES THIS SITE IS STILL ALIVE. Like I said before, I have no intention of shutting this place down. Just think of this past year as an...unofficial hiatus. It's been really hard for me recently and working on this place was just..impossible at that time. I never expected for it to last a YEAR however. But, I HAVE gotten over my depression I think. For the first time in a LONG time, I was able to sit down and work on a piece of writing. Yes, I think I'm good to go. Anyways, you guys just hold on. I still dunno when I'll be updating, but I know that it WILL be sometime this summer. This site is in definate need of a make-over. (^^) Again, I appologize to you all, and thanx to those of you who still had faith in me and this site! You all are really what keep this place alive. ::Yay! Go Tigers!::

6/6/03: ATTENTION Sorry everyone!!!!!!!! ^^ (Yes, I am alive) I haven't been able to do much updating in the past year. I was counting on giving it a bulk update and makeover this summer, but when I got home I discovered we didn't have internet access. (I'm on the public library computer right now) Unfortunately they limit the internet time to one hour, per person, per day. (can't get much done here) A few months back, a friend of mine, Michael Woods, (whom I still haven't replied to yet..SORRY!!!!!) encouraged me to post a note so that you guys would know that I'm ok. (I never got around to doing it until now..sorry!!!) I realize I haven't replied to some of you, (not intentionally), and I appologize, but I thought you guys should know the reason that I haven't updated in a while. I've been telling myself that it was because I was always busy, (which was true). However, even when I WASN'T busy, I still had no interest in going online..or doing any of my other favorite activities. I didn't realize it until recently, but for the past year or so I've been depressed. (Not the temporary type.) I didn't realize it, but my lack of interest in doing my former fav hobbies should have been a clue. (Sorry guys) I think I'm ok now, and Yes, I DO PLAN TO UPDATE!!! Whenever I can find some computer access. Also, I only get to check my email about once a week, so if any of you email me and don't get a reply for a while, it's probably because I haven't read it yet. But keep sending in things, and I promise to have it up!!! Thanx for all your support and love for this site!! ^^ I never dreamed it would be this liked! ^^ (sorry for getting all sappy on you guys.) I luv ya! (^_^)\ Be on the look-out for some updates!

1/2/03: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! (..okay, I'm a day late...) Ah, another year, another update! ^^. I'm horribly sorry for the incredible LACK of updates this site has seen this past year. The last time Ultimate Perfection has seen a real update was like, July. (-_-).oO However, as promised, I have been working diligently (sp?) on updates during my Christmas break. My computer at home lost it's internet connection a while back. Sure, I live in the dorms at a college miles away from my home, but all my site things were SAVED on that particular computer, so it presented a problem at the time. When I'm doing major updates, I like to be on my home computer, (since it's personal and has everything saved on it). (Don't you just HATE public computers??)

BUT - before we get into that, there are a few things I'd like to say. For one thing, I'm getting rid of the Message board. No ones really using it, and besides that, this site is in dire need of a FAQ page. Also, I'd like to bring something else to the attention of everyone. For those of you who've been emailing me under my Ultiperfection address, you might have noticed that it takes forEVER for me to reply. Or maybe you haven't even recieved a reply. For those of you who haven't, I'm very sorry. Part of the reason was because last year was a very hectic year for me. I've never experienced anything like it, and it held alot of learning experiences, good and bad, that I'll never forget. As a result, this site was one of the last things on my mind at the time, I'm afraid. Another reason is that I probably haven't even GOTTEN your email. You see, some very SICK, very IMMATURE person has been filling up my email with 115k, 125k, and 150k EMPTY messages. I'm not sure how they managed to do something like this, but it's very aggravating. Since I don't check my email everyday, the messages build up (they seem to come daily), and eat up my email space, so as a result, when most of you email me, you probably get messages like, 'Unable to deliver' or 'Out of Space' or something. For those of you who are confused, the average email message is about 2 to 3k long. For extra long letters, they're about 10 to 15k. The only time messages are in the hundreds are when they contain large images, music, etc. attatched to them. So for a message to contain nothing at all and still be that large is VERY angering.

Another thing I'd like to bring out is the fact that I've been getting these disgusting pornographic emails as well. Now, I've no doubt that it's the same person who sends those empty messages. But I do NOT appreciate having my name submitted to various porno mailing lists. Now, ofcourse I'm not just sitting around fuming about it, and I'm currently in the process of finding out who did this. In the mean time, I'd like to take the mature route and ask the person, right now, to STOP. In addition to THAT, (as if it isn't enough) this person has also stolen my email address,, and made one similar to it, I have no idea how many duplicates this person may or may not have made, but just to warn you guys, if you ever get a strange or odd email, (or an email with nothing in it), from a 'Ultiperfection' then it most definately is that weirdo person. And for the record, I'll be changing my email address until I can get my one sorted out.

Okay. Now that THAT'S out of the way, I'll have the updates up either sometime tommorrow or Saturday. ^^

9/26/02: Fear not! For I am ALIVE!. ^^ Well, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am indeed still alive, even though most of you haven't heard from me in about 2 months. I appologize for not updating in so long, and in many cases I'm still in the process of emailing many of you back. There's still lots of wonderful things ppl have sent in to me for the site that I haven't had a change to put up, which I am intensely sorry for.
So what's the deal with me and these lacks of updates, you ask?? Well, many of you probably already know, because some of you may be going through this same stage yourself right now. Many things right now are taking a higher priority in my life. Friends and College specifically. DBZ has taken a sort of back seat for the time being. Not to say that I'm totally abandoning this site, because I'm NOT. It's just that right now, thanx to college, my job, the variety of extra-coricular activities I'm involved in, not to mention the time I have to add for hanging out with friends, sleeping, and last but not least, STUDYING (blah..) I just don't have as much time on my hands for my website hobbying, and DBZ no longer holds the wonderfully great intersest it once did. (could it be because the series is winding down here in the US??) I've seen the majority of the series, thanx to my father and brother, and many of the movies. However, I WILL continue to update as I get time, and I'm epecially looking forward to my october, thanksgiving, and christmas break so that I can do some major updating on my sites. (I'm currently in a computer graphics class, so my small knowlege of photoshop has drastically risen) ^^ I'm looking forward to some site makeovers and such. I can't say SPECIFICALLY when my next update will be, but it WILL be soon. Cell will always be my number one DBZ stud....As will Cooler and Majin Buu (The FINAL form). ^^ So don't worry everyone!!! You'll definately be seeing me around. And to those of you who sent in things for the site, (fanfiction, images, etc.) Keep sendin' 'em! I'll be happy to put them up in the next update.

Also, my counter, (AGAIN) went ca-pooey so I had to get a new one. (Just to let you know) ~AnthyR

7/29/02: I got off work early today, so I thought I'd so some updating. ^^ Updates in fanfiction, (Cell's Minor Setback and One Little Girl), a couple new quotes, plus the grand opening of 3 new sections, Simpsonball Z, The Rants section, and Cellish Types, which is like a Villain analysis type for Cellish type ppl. That's about it for now.

7/24/02: Well! Time for another update. Not much today, as I didn't have much time. But fear not, for we now have two new fanfictions from two great authors in the fanfic section, plus a whole BUTT load of quotes. ::sighs happily:: those quotes remind me of why I love Cell so much.... ^^ Look for the opening of Simpsonball Z, (thanx to Future Senshi Mona for her pics) soon.

7/18/02: Whoo hoo!!!!!! Update time! I haven't had much time lately to update, and I still haven't updated most of the things I'd planned yet due to time, so expect another update pretty soon. In the meantime...I've updated the Voice Actor section. Thanx to a very VERY wonderful visitor, I now have information on the mysterious Dameon Clarke. (the english voice of Cell) And Pictures too! Lots n' Lots of pictures!! ^^ Go check em out! ::does a happy dance:: In other news, the fanfiction section has been updated, with updates in Emerald Twilight Saga, Cell's Minor Setback, and also a new ficcy by KASH entitled Cell's Breakout. The latest 'Ask Cell' is out, as well as two new pictures in the gallary, compliments to Jeff Brown. That's about all I had time for. (heck, that alone took me over 4 hours to update). Those of you who know something about HTML know what I'm talking about. It's a bit stressful when you don't have time, plus adding the tags on everything can be tedious. Hope you guys enjoy. ~Tootles!

6/17/02: Well, well, well!! I'm on an updating roll this week, aren't I? ^^ Not much today, really. I just added a picture and a bit more info to the Voice Actors page. (the japanese Seiyuu section..still no info on the english voice) I'm working on it though, so stay tuned.

6/16/02: Well guys, I have an update. Three new links in the Links section, (2 new Cell pages + a character page) I also have a new page dedicated to the voice actors. Of course, I have absolutely nothing on English voice Dameon Clarke, but I intend to get some. So if anyone has any info on him at all, it would be very much appreciated. ^^ In the mean time you can enjoy Cell's Japanese Seiyuu, Wakamoto Norio, (whom of which there is an abundance of info). That's about it. Also it has come to my attention that a few of you have been having some loading problems with the menu on the left. On certain pages it doesn't fully load for some reason. (I'm not sure why) I'm going to try to fix this problem, but in the mean time you can just highlight the page and scroll upward over the area and that should make it appear. (I'm not sure why it's coming up invisible.)

6/11/02: Sorry it took so long guys! ^^ I appologize for being offline for like 7 hours. (^^)\ Welp, here it is. The new and improved Ultimate Perfection. The older design was just too...cluttered? Unorganized? Antique? You take your pick, but I say all three. I like this design ALOT better, even though originally it wasn't quite what I was going for. No annoying pop-ups, everything is nicely arranged to the left instead of just thrown about, PLUS this version should be more Netscape friendly. (If you run across any problems, please email me)

Okay guys. It took me over a week redesigning, revamping, imagizing, and updating COMBINED to get this far, and I'm STILL not completely finished; certain things aren't up yet so please bear with me. The fanfiction section has been updated with all new fics plus updates to older fics. I've also gotten a new guestbook. YAH!!! Please sign it again..(or if you haven't signed it, feel free to do so ^^). Also, some of you have been hinting at a message board, so I finally got one. It's not one of those fancy ezboard thingies, but this one was just so CUTE that I couldn't resist! ^^ (yea..I'm the typical girl) lol. It should be interesting to see what ends up on it, as I've never had a message board before. There are new links in the Link section, and since most of you seem so fond of Ginyu now, I'm putting up a small Ginyu page. It's the least I can do, I suppose..he works his little butt off being a good little cameraman. Speaking of which, the next 'Ask Cell' is already in the works. The winner of the poll was Vegeta, so you can expect an appearance from him in the next Epi.

While I'm on the subject, I'd like to thank my bro for working with me on the previous episode with Raditz. (Actually it was his idea to have Raditz on it..ACTUALLY it was his idea to have Ginyu as a cameraman in the first place) That particular epi was mostly just a filler for the one to come, anyways. I'd also like to thank Hal Jordan for the new quote out front. (The other one was getting old...), and for everyone who had any helpful suggestions on this site. I'll probably be on and off this site all day, updating and you should be seeing new things up shortly.

Enjoy the new site! ^^

::So saith Cell::
"Bring me your best fighters and I will face them one by one in a contest of strength.."