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Pathetic/Award-Winning Moments

Cell's 15 minutes of fame...and failure.

As Vegeta would say, "Being a good webmistress is like being a photographer; you have to search for the right moments..."

Okay, maybe he didn't say it QUITE that way, but it's close enough. Every villain has embarassing situations, and as much as I hate to admit it, even Cell had bad moments. But unlike most villains who sapped their's up looking UNBEARIBLY stupid, I think that Cell played his off quite nicely...even made the viewer feel sorry for him. The following is a list of Cell's famous (and not so famous), scenes in all of his forms.

::Imperfect Cell::
::Imperfect Cell: form 2::
::Perfect Cell::

::So saith Vegeta::
"Being a good fiend is like being a have to search for the right moments..."