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Cell: ::smirking:: Well. I see atleast you're smart enough to go to other pages about me!

...okay. ^^ Anyways here are some other great Cell shrines and pages that I think are worth taking a gander at. ^^

::Cell Shrines::

My friend's site! This was the first MAJOR Cell shrine I've ever been to and one of the best out there. I highly recommend!! This is a must-see for ANY Cell fan (or even non-fans). She gives great information and has a good sense of humor to boot! ^^ Check out her doujinshi and humor sections! And she also has one of the most extensive Cell gallaries that I've ever seen. (in other words, if you're lookin' for images, this is a great place to go).

::Cell: The Thourough Report::
One of the first strictly Cell sites I've ever found. While surfing the net one night, I went to Geocities and typed in something (can't remember what) And VOILA! up came this site. The name truely fits; It thouroughly analyzes Cell to a T!

Now don't I feel ashamed. One of the BEST Cell sites on the net and I didn't even know it was THERE!! This has got to be THE most unique Cell site out there. Plus the webmistress is cool! (she reminds me of myself) ^^ Not only does this site have an ultra cool design, but she is also one of the few websites out there that I know of, (besides Perfection) that has REAL CELL MANGA/DOUJINSHI! (I am SO jealous) plus her site has captioned images! This site is a must see for ANYONE who likes Cell.

::Cell and Kaioshin Obsessions ::
Yet another one of my favorite sites.^^ Along with Perfection, this was one of the few very first Cell sites to be born out there. VERY discriptive and informative. Her bio section is FULL of great information about him. Another must see! And check out her fanfic series, 'Changed by love'. (probably THE first Cell fanfiction ever) This was the first Cell based fiction I read, and I LOVED it! This page has a nice moderately sized gallary.

::Cell Images::
Looking for great Cell images? Well then this is definately the place to go. This is one of the most organized Cell gallaries that I have ever seen, divided up into all 3 of his forms, and the source of images for most Cell pages.

::Cells Dragonball Z Page::
A cute, and VERY funny Cell shrine. Original layout, and supposedly even done by Cell HIMSELF. (Check out the bio's and images section especially..^^)

::Hot Magenta::
Hot digidy-dang! Them Cell sites are popping up all over, ain't they? An informative, creative new Cell site. Gives a great run through of his life and has an image gallary and information on each of his forms. The webmistress is as bad as me when it comes to Cell! ^^

::Complete Perfection::
A great new mini Cell shrine! Contains information, humor sections, fanart, and much more! ^^ And the webmaster is very creative! Another Cell fan to unite!

::Aragon's Cell Web Site::
A nice little mini-shrine dedicated to everyones favorite bio-mechanical android, complete with pictures and great information. ^^

::So saith Cell::
"At last, all that I have ever imagined is now mine.
I have become what no ther could ever achieve; I am perfect."