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#18: Cell's Secret Love


'...poetry in motion..'

Everyone remembers Cell's discription of 18, the first time he saw her. The things he said, ' little peach, I'm going to gobble you up!' It was almost as though he were in estcasy, with that passionate look he had in his eye. Was it just the thought of being complete, or was it something more? He certainly didn't look that way towards 17. Infact, he seemed to have no problem in beating him to a bloody pulp. But with 18 if you'll notice, he seemed to use more discretion. He tried a more subtile approach to absorb her and in a way, it almost looked as if he were attempting to seduce her.

Am I making sense? Did anyone else notice this?

Alright. I know some of you are saying right now, "Eww!! 18 is like Cell's older sister or something!!!" Sure, in a sense you can think of it like that. Gero DID create both of them in a way, and you could even think of him as a fatheristic figure if you like. But technically speaking these two were no more brother and sister than Gero was sane.

Here you'll find some logical reasons and proofs of why I think our man Cell might have had a bit of a crush on #18.

::Proof #1::

Both #18 and Cell are products of Funimation and Akira Toriyama.