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Cell: Hmh?! How DARE you insult me by going to those other pages!

...ignore him. ^^ Here you'll find some of my favorite character shrines. ^^

::DBZ Character Shrines::

::Bulma's Digital Dojo::
Formally known as My Shrine to Bulma Briefs. This is, in my opinion one of the best Bulma shrines out there. It was this site that encouraged me to redesign my own. The webmistress is cool and has a beautiful and organized site design, plus check out her fanfiction, 'The Real Story of Bulma Briefs'. It'll have you HOOKED.

::Vegeta the Wuss::
OMG. This is one of the most HILARIOUS pages you'll find out there on the net. Being the curious kitty that I am, I often find myself going to the hate/anti pages of some of my favorite characters. And what did I find? This..marvelous piece of work. Now, even if you're MADLY in love with Vegeta you HAVE to admit that this page brings up some good points. Vegeta DOES tend to whimp out at times, and of all the saiya-jin, it's usually HE who cries. ::snickers:: His captioned pictures are funny as H.F.I.L. Heck, his SITE is both funny yet at the same time informative. Visit it. Period. 'nuff said.

::Juunanagou's Temple::
Well! What Cell shrine would be complete without THIS little guy in it's links? ^^ I mean, he DID help my boo in his quest for perfection..albeit against his will...but that's not important. Now, I haven't seen many #17 shrines, and truth be told, this is probably about the 3rd one I've been to. But it's VERY informative, (although most of you have probably already been here so you don't need ME to tell you that) And the webmistress is about as bad as me when it comes to her favorite character. She obviously is crazy about him, (as I am Cell) yet at the same time manages to come off as informative and creative. Great job!! I admire pages like this one.

::A Shrine to Frieza::
Okay. I know what you're thinking. Why in DE HECK do I have a FRIEZA site here. Well, as much as I hated Frieza, even I know that that's what his character called for. He was a villain, and a darn good one at that. So give your props to Frieza, the transvestite alien girl/guy. (sorry..couldn't resist) Anyways, this shrine is both informative AND hilarious. It even has interviews! ^^

::The Anti-Trunks Organization::'s sites like this that remind me of why I'm in this business...^^ I stumbled upon this place in the very same way as the Vegeta the Wuss page. Now, don't get me wrong; I like Trunks very much, let's get that straight. He's a nice boy, PLUS he saved the DBZ present. the Vegeta site, this page also brings up some interesting, (tho funny) points. Plus the webmistress just down right HATES the kid. Yep. You read right. HATES. This site had me cracking up, so if you like to laugh as much as me, (and have a sense of humor + sense enough to not take this too seriously) then this is the place to go. ^^

::Temple O' Trunks::
My way of redeming myself for the site above..^^ LoL, not really. Now I know that this place needs no introduction. It's probably THE most popular Trunks shrine out there. I myself just recently discovered it last year. Yea, yea..I know what most of you are thinking. Where have I been. Well, I dunno. HAPPY?! ::takes deep breath:: Okay. Informative, interactive, TONS of images, nice neat layout; this place is everything that a shrine SHOULD be. One of the very best on the web, so if you haven't been, pay this place a visit. ^^

::The Zarbon Shrine::
This is like, one of the ONLY Zarbon shrines out there. (Or it was the last time I checked) And I can easily say that it is most definately one of the best. I'm SO jealous of her page design. She obviously knows her HTML. Like the Juunanagou Shrine, I admire ANY Webmaster/mistress who is able to pull off a full scaled shrine on a minor character with BARELY any info on him. There wasn't really much information to go off of on the series and in the manga, but somehow the webmistress, Kyley, manages to do so. A must see for ANY Zarbon lover.

::Lady Frieza's Launch Pad::
A mostly fan oriented site. I stumbled onto this site about two years ago. Now, this site is definately THE best Frieza page that I know of. I don't particularly LIKE Frieza, but this page ALMOST succeeds in changing my mind, and if anything succeeds in changing my low opinion of Frieza, then it most DEFINATELY is a worth while page. Great fanfiction, images, fanart, PLUS the webmistress is just SO cool! This page is definately a must see, so if you've never been here, you HAVE to go. Period. 'nuff said.

::So saith Cell::
"At last, all that I have ever imagined is now mine.
I have become what no other could ever achieve; I am perfect."