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Cell: ....why are you still here? GET OUT!

...alright, Cell's just being a grouch because he doesn't want you to leave. ^^ Anyways, here are some other DBZ pages that are some of my favs. ^^

::Miscellaneous DBZ Sites::

::Gohan and Piccolo's Power Pad::
Okay, this is very easily my FAVORITE DBZ site. Period. The webmistress is my absolute IDOL. If it wasn't for her, you probably wouldn't be seeing this site right now, because it was her and her site that inspired me to want to make one of my own. She is hilariously funny, and as it is I'm still trying to live up to atleast HALF her name. Alas however, she has lost interest in Dragonball Z..(which is probably inevitable for us all at some point) and her site is now being run by the great Leda chan, who is an awesome webmistress herself! ^^

::Leda Chan's Anime Studios::
This site is easily as good as the Power Pad. Infact, if it wasn't for the power pad, I probably would never have found this site in the first place. She's funny, and has the GREATEST Messed up Manga collection that I've ever seen! Check out her site..I guarantee that you won't be disappointed!

::Fantasy Fighters::
A very cool and VERY hilarious site dedicated to a variety of both video game and Dragonball Z characters. Check out his comics especially!! (They'll have you cracking up, seriously) VERY entertaining site, a must see!

::Planet Veggie-sei::
My friend's new site! A cute Dragonball Z fanfiction page dedicated to those lovable Saiya-jin and a few of her own characters. Has a gallary, fanfiction, and humor!

::So saith Cell::
"At last, all that I have ever imagined is now mine.
I have become what no ther could ever achieve; I am perfect."